What Can UCP Do for You?

As a continuation of the work started two years ago to make the services and work of United Community Partners more accessible and useful to the community as a whole we’ve updated our description of services and how to access them.

We also have a request that goes out to people in Baker County – If you have a service relevant to our mission and the services we offer and you would like to be listed as a professional resource please keep an eye out for our upcoming Services Directory. You will be able to list your services, your contact information and your rates.

Agenda August 3rd 2015

United Community Partners
August 3 , 2015 Meeting
Fellowship Hall – 1:30 -3:30 PM

Members: Liz McLellan, Julie Zaccone, Kat Davis, Rev. Bill Sheilds, Steve White, Chad Bilberry, Milicent Simpson
Please bring your own copies of all relevant documents.
Facilitator: Liz McLellan

  1. Check ins (Liz) (5 minutes)
  2. Open Discussion (Community Welcome!) 10 minutes
  3. Adoption of minutes from last meeting Kat (5 min)
  4. Treasurer Report (5 Minutes) Steve
  5. Web Updates (Liz 5 minutes)
  6. HCJ Article Brainstorming Topics for next HCJ articles; dates? (Kat 10 minutes)
  7. HCJ Ad Rates Issue – Size of ad – content – (Liz and Kat 10 Minutes)
  8. Confirm our first grant review date ((Kat 5 minutes)
  9. Lion’s issue, insurance etc continued (Steve, Bill? 10 minutes)
  10. UCP: “United Way” model? (Kat 10 minutes)
  11. Check outs Liz (5 minutes)

2015 Bylaws are finally complete!

When I joined UCP around 2013 we were quite confused as a group both by how to proceed with such light attendance, how to make decisions with consistency and as a result how to do the work we needed to do to serve our mission. In the last 2 years we’ve worked diligently together to clear up that confusion, get our ducks in a row and get clear on the work we are here to do. There are many results of this work. One of the most important is that the updates to the bylaws are finally complete.

The changes made were not huge but these changes allow us to function effectively, get things turned around faster for our community, access more resources for the Valleys.

Please feel free to download your copy  Everyone is welcome at our monthly meetings.

Thank you for your patience throughout this period and thank you to all UCP members present and past who contributed to this work,

Liz McLellan
President, UCP

Third Annual Pinefest – September 11 and 12th

This will be the third annual music festival at the Pine Valley Fairgrounds in Halfway Oregon, featuring great music from  bands based in the Pacific Northwest. An eclectic mix of genres, including, bluegrass, rock’n roll, country, blues, funk, and original singer-songwriters!  PLUS food,  arts and crafts, beer and wine.

Friday, September 11th, 2015          4 p.m.  to  10 p.m.

Saturday, September 12th, 2015        2 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Admission $10 at the gate each day, children under 12 admitted free.

Tickets now for sale online at  BROWNPAPERTICKETS

Chairs will be available for rent on site on Saturday.
For more information go to pinefest.org

New Grant Application Process at UCP

For the last two years at United Community Partners we’ve been working steadily at improving our processes, record keeping and strategies for inclusion and engagement with our community around our mission as an organization.  A large part of this project has been getting clear on our granting and services process and ways to encourge community members to make use of the resources available at United Community Partners.

To that end we recently updated our grant application process so that everyone in the community and on the board has a structure to work within and to plan around. We’ve added four regular application periods and information on our turn-around timeframes for decision making by the board.

We’ve also enlarged the board to seven members which will allow us to function effectively even when one or two board members need to be absent from a meeting.

Please take a look! We hope this will make it easier for everyone to make good things happen in our beloved valleys.

We’re all looking forward to being more available, more efficient and more effective together.

Liz McLellan
President, UCP Board

Welcome to Our New Board Members

We are very pleased to announce that Julie Zaccone and Chad Bilbrey have joined the United Community Partners Board. We now have a total of seven board members which should mean that we can accomplish more in short order.

We are all looking forward to a productive year ahead!

Recently we’ve revamped our bylaws to operate in a more effective manner. We’ve also revised our Project Selection Process and will shortly post our updated documents. It is our hope this process of streamlining will make it easier for community members to access our grants and services – and make use of United Community Partners more effectively.

If you are interested in coming to meetings please know all are welcome.

Agenda – June 6th 2015

United Community Partners

April , 2015 Meeting
Fellowship Hall – 1:30 -3:30 PM

Members: Liz McLellan, Julie Zaccone,  Kat Davis, Rev. Bill Sheilds, Steve White, Chad Bilberry, Milicent Simpson

Please bring your own copies of all relevant documents.

Facilitator: Liz McLellan

1. Check ins (Liz) (5 minutes)

2. Open Discussion (Community Welcome!) 10 minutes

3. Adoption of minutes from last meeting Kat (5 min)

4. Treasurer Report (5 Minutes) Steve

5. Approve the Board appointments (5 Minutes) Kat

6. Finalize the grant app discussion (with the new time line ( 15 Minutes) Kat

7. Discuss the efficacy and ability to provide a meeting leadership course for local leaders  (10 Minutes) Steve

8. Recreation District (5 Minutes) Kat

9. Chamber Membership Update (3 Minutes) Rev. Bill

10. Lion’s Club Update (5 minutes) Steve

11. Facebook co-admins (3 min) Liz

12. Check outs Liz (5 minutes)

All Pine Valley residents are welcome to come to our meetings. We have an open segment in the beginning of each for community members to raise concerns, ideas, suggestions or talk about projects they would like to partner with us to accomplish.

Agenda April 6th, 2015 Meeting

All community members are welcome and encouraged to come. We’ve recently adjusted how we do things. Every monthly meeting there will be an open community session at the beginning of the meeting (so you don’t need to stick around for the less interesting stuff – though you are certainly welcome.)

We are looking at how we evaluate projects for support at this meeting.
Your input would be most welcome.

Please come by – 1:30 PM April 6th – Presbyterian Fellowship Annex

1. Check ins (Liz) (5 minutes)

2. Open Discussion (Community Welcome!) 20 minutes

2. Adoption of minutes from last meeting Kat (5 min)

3. Treasurer Report (2 Minutes) Liz

4. Project Selection Criteria Update – Applications (20 Minutes) Liz and Kat

5. Project Evaluation Ranking Methods (20 Minutes) Bill?

6. Community Training Offerings (10 Minutes) Kat?

7. Chamber Membership (3 Minutes) Liz

8. Nominating Committee Discussion (5 minutes) Kat

8. Check outs Liz (5 minutes)


Partner with Panhandle Chamber on an annual meeting with community non-profits to

discuss priorities, projects and opportunities for collaboration – T-Bill (and possibly R-Bill) will

attend January Chamber meeting to extend UCP’s offer to assist with such a venture.

Ford Family Foundation and NEOEDD collaboration – Liz to continue overtures. Board is

asked to review NEOEDD planning document, attached to email January 21st.

Distinguish between projects of UCP and work conducted by individual board members

Minutes February 2nd, 2015

Minutes in PDF format for download

United Community Partners
Board Meeting
February 2, 2015

Board of Directors: Liz McLellan, President; Kat Davis, Secretary, Steve
White, Treasurer;
Celinda Miller, at-large; Bill Shields, at-large.
Absent: Milicent Simpson, at-large.

[NOTE: To avoid confusion caused by the use of black and white printers,
action and decision items are now indicated in bold italics. – Download the PDF for this formatting – link at top of page.]

1. “Check-ins” indicated all present were in fine fettle.

2.Minutes: The minutes were approved as submitted. Kat will bring hard copies of meeting materials to each meeting that can be copied as needed on-site for those without home printers.

3. Treasurer Nominations:Liz nominated Steve White as Treasurer. Second, Kat. There were no other nominations.

4.Treasurer Vote: Unanimous for Steve White as Treasurer.

5. Treasurer’s Report:Steve passed around an amended version of the January Treasurer’s Report, indicating that the amount being held for the Shade Sail project had been distributed, leaving a balance of $13,482.50 in assets.

  • Steve will send a PDF version of the reports to all Board members for their files.
  • Liz and Steve will discuss accounting program options and bring info to the March meeting.

6. Voting Process Discussion and vote:Three variations on UCP By-laws; Article III, Section 10 and Article III, Section 11, relating to the topics of voting, membership and quorum were discussed. The first version was submitted by Liz and based on the work of Bill and Celinda; the second was an update from Celinda; the third was submitted by Steve.

Following discussion, Kat was instructed to synthesize the results into a single document.

  • Kat will incorporate the changes into a single document and send out to the Board for review prior to the March 2 meeting.
  • Revision will be discussed and voted on at the March meeting.
  • Part of the compromise surrounding this discussion included modifying the Board members from the current “5” to a range of “5 – 7”.  This will require a formal vote in March.

7. Mission/Vision/Services Proposal: Using the original, four-page document as a base, Liz and Kat crafted a shorted version for the Board’s review.With changes
that included expanding the area served from Pine Valley to all communities in the Baker County Panhandle, the Vision and Mission statements were unanimously approved. The revised, approved versions are:

Vision: United Community Parters is dedicated to the success of Pine Valley and the Baker County Panhandle as home to vibrant communities informed by our rural heritage, nurtured by our natural wonders, guided by shared principles and sustained by the creative energy of people leading healthy,productive, rewarding lives.
APPROVED by unanimous vote, 2/2/15.

Mission: United Community Partners facilitates access to organizational assistance for citizen-led initiatives which stimulate economic activity, foster goodwill and fellowship, and enhance Pine Valley and Panhandle communities as rural places to live and work.
APPROVED by unanimous vote, 2/2/15.

Services to Support the Mission:

[Note: To clarify the connection between the Mission and Services, there was agreement to move this section so it immediately
follows the Mission.]

There was discussion but no vote on this section. Celinda recommended adding the words “local” and “business” to the list of entities served. She also suggested some formatting options. Additional suggestions included substitution of more commonly recognized phrasing (“organizational assistance” instead of “technical assistance”) elimination of non-profit terminology (capacity building) and less esoteric verbiage (“post and share” instead of “disseminate”). These and other changes will be incorporated into a new draft and sent to Board members for review.

There was consensus that UCP would continue to offer small grants. After considerable discussion, four of five present agreed that these grants should be made
following some standardized process and timeline that would be applied to all applicants. This will be discussed further at the March meeting.

•Kat will redraft the List of Services to incorporate recommended changes.
Celinda will review and provide suggestions for reformatting. The revised
document will be sent to the Board for review.

•The amended Services document will be discussed and voted on in March.
Due to the length of the meeting, discussion of “Our Values” was tabled
until March.

8. Project Selection Criteria:The Board reasserted it’s desire to make small direct grants. There was also consensus for establishing and following a selection process (see above). However, due to time constraints, discussion on project selection criteria was tabled until March.

9. Debit Card Request: Removed from the agenda by Liz who stated it could be revisited at a future meeting.

10. Open Discussion:Eliminated due to time.

11. Check outs:Eliminated due to time.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM
Submitted by Kat Davis, Secretary