UCP Board Updates – Thank You Julie! Welcome Al and Inga

At the March board meeting we elected Al Iverson to the UCP board. Earlier this year Inga Thompson also joined the board. At the march meeting the board also accepted Julie Zaccone’s letter of resignation for health reasons. Julie brought prior financial and board experience to her position and her skills, insight and responsible follow-through on Board business were valued and appreciated. All of us extend our thanks and sincere good wishes for a full recovery.

– Kat Davis UCP Board President

New Year – New Board

As Liz McLellan’s term ended and she her resignation on January 4th 2016, elections were held at our 2015 Annual meeting in January 2016. Kat Davis was elected President of the Board, Steve White continues as Treasurer and Julie Zaccone has stepped up to become our Secretary.

We are grateful to have such an engaged and dedicated board. Liz McLellan will continue on giving assistance on web development, tech strategy for the organization and social media – as well as training UCP members and the wide community on making the most of the internet in service to the UCP mission.

Kat Davis, President (January 2016 – Present)
Steve White, Treasurer (January 2015 – Present)
Julie Zaccone, Secretary (January 2016- Present)
Rev. Bill Sheilds – Board Member (December 2013 – Present)
Chad Bilbrey – Board Member (July 2015 – Present)
Inga Thompson – Board Member (Janaury 2016 – Present)

Liz McLellan – Web Development, Tech and Social Media.

If you are interested in our direction for 2016 please sign up on the site for regular updates. You are also welcome at our meetings where you can bring up any concern, need or project idea. Our meetings start with an open segment for community participation.