Outdoor Women of Halfway – Calendar


Calendar Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order the OWS Calendar online?

Yes! Order Here.

Can I buy the OWS Calendar in person?

Sure! If you live in the area visit The Bev’rage Cellar 143 N Main St, Halfway.

When is the 2016 Calendar getting mailed out?

The Outdoor Women of Halfway expect to start sending them out to people who ordered online the week of December 7th, 2015.

Can I order more than one calendar?

Of course! Just input the quantity you want on the order form – Order Here.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to order the calendar at that link. Can you show me?

Some people have had difficulty with the calender order page. The order page is not built or hosted by UCP.  If you have trouble after reading the tutorial below please contact Terrie Simons. (See below.)

Calendar Ordering Tutorial

When you scroll down on the the order page you should see an image of the calendar cover. When you roll over the image of the calendar a small shopping cart icon should appear in the bottom right of the image. Some folks have had a hard time seeing the shopping cart icon.

  1. Go to the the order page by following this link.
  2. Scroll down.
  3. Click on the shopping cart icon in the bottom right of the calendar image.


I still need help with ordering the calendar.

If you need further assistance with ordering the calendar please email Terrie Simons at [email protected] or call Terrie at (541) 742-7653.

I’d like to become a OWH calendar girl, who do I call?
Terrie Simons


Here’s the OPB episode featuring our calendar girls!

Outdoor Women of Halfway
is creating a series of calendars with the title “Wild Harvest” which will feature local women engaged in a variety of harvesting activities including hunting, fishing and foraging. The intent is to create a quality product that is informative and inspiring for a broad audience. The calendar will portray “the story” behind the wild harvest as well as highlighting our beautiful town and surrounding landscape. The calendar will include biographical information about the women in other facets of their lives (in their professions and homes), as well as share personal insights about why women are drawn to these activities.

Our Purpose:

      • To visually present women hunting, fishing and otherwise gathering the bounty of nature in a way that shares the full story of what living close to the land means to us. From tracking, camaraderie around the campfire, to preparing wholesome food for our families, the outdoor life from a woman’s perspective is a tapestry of experiences and traditions that is a story seldom told.

      • To dispel misconceptions about harvesting wild foods and the women and families who do so.

      • To raise funds for community projects that focus on outdoor safety and education, especially focusing on people new to these activities, women and children.


OWH is asking help in finding local outdoor women willing to participate in future calendars. If you would like to join Outdoor Women of Halfway or become a “calendar girl” please contact:

Terrie Simmons – 541-540-7653
Page Fredrickson – 541-742-4314


If you would like to pay for your 2016 calendar by check please send your payment to:
United Community Partners/OWH-Calendar
PO BOX 545
Halfway, Oregon 97834
Please write on your check that the payment is for “OWH-Calendar-2016 c/o Terrie Simons”

The calendar girls assure us all the calendars will be G-Rated!

If your local community group would benefit from partnering with United Community Partners please get in touch with Liz McLellan or attend our next meeting.