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Update 1
Hi Folks,

The UCP board is meeting online to discuss how we can best respond to the #covid19 health care and economic crisis. In the meantime if you are looking to volunteer please join the Halfway Helpful group on Facebook. 

If you are not on Facebook be patient we are organizing to find ways to work off Facebook as well. But, Facebook is where the action is right now. It is a good time to use it.

Halfway Helpful is a group of local people organizing to deliver support to the vulnerable in Pine Valley. The group is separate from UCP please contact them directly with questions.  More info soon. We are just getting started.

Governor Brown is doing regular updates which you can watch on The Oregonian’s website.

Old Pine Market is offering curbside pick up – and delivery on larger orders. Please follow them on  Facebook for updates or contact them directly. Thanks Bryans and the whole Old Pine Team! If you have questions or suggestions as we move forward, please feel free to reach out to Old Pine Market here 541-742-4366

To follow Congress’ response and relief bills coming up go to Countable

To easily evaluate what benefits you may be eligible for try benefits.gov (though this will need to be updated after the current relief bill passes.)

Oregon Health Department Coronavirus UPDATES

Pinterest Zero Waste Ideas – diapers etc 

Oregon Jail, Prison and Department of Corrections Updates

NEODD Has Covid19 Affected your Business?  Resource in their MARCH 2020 newsletter

If you are an organization trying to figure out how to work online take a look at our video resources page. Though we can’t offer in person training these are great video resources and trainings to help your group stay active during the pandemic response.

Video Resources for working together online

We will publish more resource list soon. Comment below if you have suggestions

Stay Safe
Stay Home

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MARCH 12th – 4:00-5:30
MAY 14th – 4:00-5:30

Otherwise we meet 1st Thursday of the month
4:00 – 5:30 PM
Halfway Library

Crab Under the Sea

Crab Feed Volunteers Needed!

Hello busy people,

This is an appeal to you all to consider helping to serve the day of the 53 annual Lions Crab feed, Saturday March 9th. I ask this because the income from that feed is so important to the community. We usually make about $10,000 profit, almost enough to cover our annual costs.

As happens many of the old guard who used to serve have moved on, and even though we have a core group of 12 active Lions members and a few others this is not enough. We serve close to 1000 people in 11 hours. Many serve the whole 11 hours which can be wearing.

You can sign up for 1/2 shifts of about 4-5 hours, like 10 am to 3 pm and 3 pm to 8 pm. Please let me know if you are willing and I will give your name to the scheduler, Karen Endersby. Many hands make light work.

Some of you may not recognize how important the Lions are here. Let me tell you.

The Lions:

  • Maintain a large modern hall with commercial kitchen and seating for about 250 in padded chairs no less, for nominal fees which hosts many large groups every year. This costs about $900/month.
  • Maintain a park with covered tables and children’s play equipment
  • Provide a well used monthly Food Bank, due to money to purchase some of the food, space, walk-in freezer and cooler, and Lions servers.
  • Provide free event insurance for other activities, even off site, like the skating rink.
  • Provide adequate space for the blood bank.
  • Provide annual hearing and sight screening for school kids and all others Provide scholarships for high school seniors.

– Steve

UCP 2018 Board Election Results

Please Welcome our New Board – 2019-2021

We would like to send a huge THANK YOU to Al Iverson for his excellent service as UCP Secretary. Al stepped up when asked and the community benefited immensely from his service and perspectives.  We also welcome Deanna Bowman-Pennock as our new Secretary. (formerly our Vice President.) A huge THANKS as well to Kat Davis for leading us through the last few years as UCP President, helping us give consistent service and support to community projects as well as the great improvement in UCP’s internal process, broader and deeper networking across Oregon and helping refine our priorities at every turn.  We also thank Kat for staying on as Vice President. We unanimously elected  Jerry Norquist as our new UCP Board President. Jerry brings a wealth of experience and know-how and ease to the job as a former Executive Director of Cycle Oregon. We are grateful to have you, Jerry! Thank you as well to Steve White our Treasurer and all around community treasure! We also elected Liz McLellan for a new term as board member. She will continue her volunteer work as UCP’s internet project and community service techie.




Headshot Al Iverson
Al Iverson – Former UCP Board Secretary
Jerry Norquist UCP PResident
Jerry Norquist – President UCP
Kat Davis UCP VP
Kat Davis – Vice President, Former President
Deanna Bowman-Pennock
Deanna Bowman-Pennock, Secretary, Former VP
Steve White, Former and Current Treasurer
Steve White, Treasurer


Image Liz McLellan
Liz McLellan, Tech and Board member, Former President



January Meeting Rescheduled for January 14th – 4PM

The UCP monthly meeting for January has been postponed until January 14th – 4-6:30 PM.
We believe it will be at the Fellowship Hall as usual but, that may change. We will update the location as soon as we know.

Lions Ice Rink Header image of kids skating - graphic

Ice Rink Open – Sign Up for Notices By Email

The Halfway Lions Club and the Pine Eagle Charter School will provide ice skating on the school tennis courts. There is no cost and good skates of all sizes are available at the rink. The school has kindly let us use the school’s hot houses to put on skates. Please be respectful of property and safety.

CALL STEVE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ARRANGE A SKATE PARTY OUTSIDE OF REGULAR HOURSWe will do this every Friday-Sunday (2018-2019) weather permitting. Conditions can cause poor ice – so do check regularly so you don’t miss a good skate! Notices will be on facebook, twitter and here on the  UCP site on the right side of the screen. 

This is an ANNOUNCEMENT ONLY notification email. If you have questions please contact Steve White by email at treasurer@unitedcommunitypartners.org or phone (541) 403-2985.

Sign up your EMAIL for up to the minute ice rink conditions and closed/open hours.

Please NOTE: Hours of operation are highly variable due to the availability of overseers and because weather can temporarily cause poor ice conditions. Therefore timely notification of open hours will not appear in the newspaper. Announcement of open hours will be made at the school, on the downtown bulletin board and by our email notifications list a few times a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You may get the same notification twice if Steve has not updated the weather conditions on the site.

If you have a group, you can call Steve White and we may be able to open anytime or arrange a night skate party.

Steve White UCP Board Treasurer
Steve White UCP Board Treasurer

The tennis courts/ice rink are on the north side of the school grounds. It can be accessed by turning west on the roads just south or north of the Auto parts store. Do not block roadways please.

Map of Ice Rink location at Pine Eagle - The Ice Rink is behind the hog pens at the tennis court.

Ice Rink is a project of Steve White and the Halfway Lion’s Club

Photo by chtfj21

Steve and Lion’s Ice Rink Updates January 2020

Steve White has worked with Lion’s for a couple years to convert the tennis courts at school into an ice rink. The Lion’s provide skates for all interested. The skate rink is highly weather dependent so we’ve set up a notification system for skaters!

Steve is managing the Ice Rink Notices for the 2020 Lion’s Ice Rink via Facebook and his own list. Please LIKE the Facebook Page HERE for updates or CALL Steve to get on his mail list at 541-403-2985.


Our New Meeting Time is FIRST THURSDAYS at 4:-5:30 at the Meeting room in the Halfway Library. Except for January 2020 – which will happen Thursday January 9th, 2020 at the Library. All are welcome! Community members are put at the front of the agenda each week!


UCP has changed it’s regular summer meetings to first Wednesdays – at 4PM. Please update your calendars!

Reminder: No UCP Meeting April 1st.

There will be no April meeting for UCP. The next meeting will be Monday May 5th 4-6pm at the Presbyterian Fellowship Hall.

Crab on a beach

We Still Need Crab Feed Volunteers to Help

The Lion’s Club is one of the most important groups to support here. Volunteering for the feed is a great way to get to know your neighbors old-timers and newcomers alike. It’s a fun day. Our community relies heavily on the facilities at the The Lion’s Club.  They provide:

    • A big refinished hall that seats over 200 people in cushioned chairs and tables
    • A commercial kitchen and walk in freezer and cooler which supports the monthly food bank which is well used and is run by Lion’s members
    • Many big functions (weddings, funerals, reunions, workshops, bazaars etc…rely on this hall.
    • The hall is the designated community disaster shelter and working hub for crews from the Red Cross Blood Drive to Fire Responders
    • A big generator is available if needed and we are getting the place wired for it
    • We also maintain the big park with covered area and modern children’s playground
    • Lion’s provide eye exams, scholarships, a giant Easter egg hunt and now the ice rink (because the Lion’s uniquely can provide free event insurance-even off property which allows things like the Ice Rink.


People should call Karen Endersby to volunteer. Karen can be reached at 541-742-5763.

Everyone should also consider becoming a member of this vital community service organization.

ICE RINK closed-please open this

Hello all,
The ICE RINK is closed for the season. The weather has turned too warm and wet.
Next year we might try forming a club. Then all members would have keys so they could skate at any time. We will look into the liability issues which are probably not an issue. We will also change our communication system to be more flexible.
The ice rink is possible because of the Lions Club event insurance and great volunteer efforts. Please consider supporting the club by volunteering to help for a few hours at the annual Lions crab feed on March 9th. It is a great way to help the community, meet some people, and cavort with the broad community. (call Karen Endersby to sign up-742-5763).
Also consider purchasing crab feed tickets. The crab feed provides the majority of the roughly $11,000 annually needed to maintain the hall (with good seating and tables for over 200 people), park and playground. The Lions importantly also provide a monthly food bank that many need, eye examines for all children, Easter egg hunt and scholarships.
We sure enjoyed seeing the kids out skating this year. They learn so fast and having something fun to do outside is needed. This year we had over 170 skaters up from 120 last year.
We also again thank the school for providing the grant money to buy the rink tarp and wood border and allowing us to use the green houses. Again Galen West provided the many good skates and snow machine. Jim Ferrell kept the rink open for two weeks around the holidays. Liz McLellan used the UCP web site and a big effort to post weekly updates to skaters via email and Facebook. Thank you all.
It also must be said that the rink could not have happened without the extensive leveling and repaving of the tennis courts. Big thanks go to Comco Construction of Richland, Gulick construction, and Idaho Power and Luke Hearn who provided the wiring and lights. What generosity.
We will be in touch.
Steve White

ICE RINK open the 10th, call 541 403 2985

The ICE RINK is open today, the 10th 1-3 pm
Call 541 403 2985, or 742 2985 to get the gate open.
This might be the last day of skating!!!
See the unitedcommunitypartners.org < unitedcommunitypartners.org/> to sign up for updates-pass the word Call steve white at 742 2985 to arrange special openings or night skating under lights Take advantage of openings as we have variable weather

ICE RINK open? call 541 403 2985

The ICE RINK may be ok for skating today 1-3pm but call before coming. 541 403 2985 or 541 742 2985. Look for the 11 am updated message today.
The ice got warm in the night but may freeze up before 1 pm

See the unitedcommunitypartners.org < unitedcommunitypartners.org/> to sign up for updates-pass the word Call steve white at 742 2985 to arrange special openings or night skating under lights Take advantage of openings as we have variable weather