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Meeting Materials for upcoming March 5th UCP Meeting

Agenda March 5th Meeting. If you are a community member you do not need to be on the agenda formally. We reserve time for you in the beginning of each meeting.

Draft Minutes from February meeting.

Meeting starts at 2:00PM and generally goes to 3:30PM
Presbyterian Fellowship Hall Annex
All are welcome!

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A Belated Welcome to New Board Members and UCP members

We are very lucky to have our new board members.
UCP Board Secretary Al Iverson
UCP Board Secretary Al Iverson
UCP Board Member Lauren Mleczko
UCP Board Member Lauren Mleczko

Al Iverson joined months ago but, we haven’t got him to sit still for a photo! Lauren Mleczko also joined a few months ago as well and has been a terrific addition to our group. Lauren brings her financial and banking experience and Al has stepped up to be our board secretary. We are so appreciative of both of you! If you see either around town ask them what’s up with United Community Partners these days!  Reverend Bill, our President Kat Davis and Steve White our board Treasurer also sat still long enough for a snap!

Also a hearty welcome to our new members:
Wix and Alice Covey
George Hauptman
Pamela Burry
Patricia Sabin
Mary Bolgiano
Connie and Obbie Atkinson
Brian Pennock

Kat Davis UCP Board President
Kat Davis UCP Board President
Reverend Bill Shields UCP Board Member
Reverend Bill Shields UCP Board Member
Steve White UCP Board Treasurer
Steve White UCP Board Treasurer

UCP Website Tips


Hi Folks,

So, I’ve been working on the UCP website for nearly five years. It is a deep and rich store of the work we have done. It is also at this point an institutional memory. This is the place to start if you have questions beyond what we can answer fast on the lists. Also you can read the archives of the lists via the links below. Please share this page with community members!


  1. Before doing anything explore all the menus. The site is organized to help you find what you need
  2. If you cannot find something try the SEARCH box at the top right of the screen.
  3. I try to post the agendas and minutes in a timely manner. Sometimes I fail. Feel free to email me a reminder.
  4. Follow us on Facebook and SHARE our posts! I am the only one doing this.
  5. Watch these videos below to understand Google Drive and why it matters to our work.
  6. Take a deep dive into the video trainings available on things like Google Drive by using search. For instance “Video Google Drive” will give you a list of short videos on how to use the tools (Word processor, Spreadsheet etc).
  7. On the site the top menu last item is BLOG – under that menu is an access to categories of posts by topic on the blog – also the categories are down the right side of the blog. This can help you get to what you need faster.

Google Drive videos here – if you are offline and can’t follow the link in tip #5


Community List Archive

UCP Board Only List (You must be a board member to view)

Thanks Everyone!
– Liz

Upcoming Meeting – Monday February 5th

Here are the materials for the Feb. 5th UCP meeting.
Minutes from January 2018
Agenda for February 5, 2018
2017-2018 United Community Partners Goals

Meeting starts at 2PM sharp at the Presbyterian Hall Annex. All are WELCOME. Every meeting has space early for community members not formally on the agenda.

December 2017 Minutes – Approved

December Minutes 2017 – Approved Jan 9th 2018

How to run your first meeting

Kat passed on this great resource and I thought everyone could benefit.

This post covers:

What do we do at our first meeting?
What do we talk about?
How do we write an agenda?
How do we table things?
How do we stay on time?
How do we assign tasks?
Templates for minutes and agendas.
Best practices for running a great meeting.

Visit Nonprofit Ally for the details and visit the NonProfit Ally Youtube Channel to subscribe.

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UCP Website Updates 2018


As UCP webmaster I’d like to let folks know what we’ve been building out these last few years. Here are some resources which are available to everyone in the community on the UCP website. We’ve worked on the menu structure to help folks navigate the site. The first place to look around is the new menus at the top of the site.

You can always get “Home” by clicking the UCP logo.

If you have suggestions or updates on your organization or contact info please get in touch with Liz to update that information.


Agenda – Monday Jan 9th, 2018

January 2018 Agenda – PDF

Steve White will be chairing the meeting. Please contact him directly if you have questions or items to add.

Ice Rink Open – Sign Up for Notices By Email

Again this year (2017), the Halfway Lions Club and the Pine Eagle Charter School will provide ice skating on the school tennis courts. There is no cost and good skates of all sizes are available at the rink. The school has kindly let us use the school’s hot houses to put on skates. Please be respectful of property and safety.

Hours of operation are highly variable due to the availability of overseers and because weather can temporarily cause poor ice conditions. Therefore timely notification of open hours will not appear in the newspaper. Announcement of open hours will be made at the school, on the downtown bulletin board, and by calling Steve White at 541-742-2985. You can also sign up for email announcements online (below). Expect openings around the weekends, including some nights. If you have a group, you can call and we may be able to open anytime.

The first opening will December 15 and 16, 2017 (Friday and Saturday) from 10 am-12pm.

The tennis courts/ice rink are on the north side of the school grounds. It can be accessed by turning west on the roads just south or north of the Auto parts store. Do not block roadways please.

Get EMAIL Announcement about Rink Open Hours


This is an ANNOUNCEMENT ONLY LIST – If you have questions please contact Steve White at 541-742-2985.

Please note: This is not a UCP project. We are helping get the word out. You can help too by sharing this post with your friends and family!

Photo by chtfj21