United Community Partners P.O. BOX 545 Halfway, Oregon 97834 president@unitedcommunitypartners.org 541-742-4065

President – Responsibilities

  • Facilitate or arrange facilitation at membership meetings
  • Facilitator will encourage comments or input from all members
  • Serve as primary spokesperson for the Board or delegate that role to the involved person
  • Manage the business of the Corporation between meetings
  • Sign documents for the Corporation as may be needed
  • Call Board and Membership Meetings as may be needed
  • Assign ad hoc responsibilities to Board Members or Members of UCP
  • Develop agendas for all meetings
  • Ensure that UCP acts in conformance with the Bylaws and our Policies
  • Provide pertinent information to Board Members or Contractors in a timely manner
  • Maintain appropriate contacts with Local and County Political Bodies
  • Be a Signer of the Corporate Checking Account (with Treasurer or a designated Board Member)


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