United Community Partners P.O. BOX 545 Halfway, Oregon 97834 president@unitedcommunitypartners.org 541-742-4065

Treasurer – Responsibilities

  • Design and oversee maintenance of accounting system, bill paying, invoicing, and bank/investment account maintenance
  • Ensure that all contractual relationships with Contractors are properly recorded in the form of a Contract, signed by both parties. On direction of the Board, sign such Contracts on behalf of UCP
  • Design and administer an invoicing system for Contractors to bill UCP so as to facilitate proper data entry into the system
  • Prepare or oversee preparation of periodic invoices to our Clients
  • Prepare or oversee preparation of useful, understandable financial reports
  • Ensure that investment alternatives are considered and presented to the Board for possible action
  • Report to Board monthly on general financial condition
  • Oversee preparation of annual budget
  • Ensure that Corporate Oregon CT-12 and Federal Form 990 reports are filed timely Be one of three signers on the Corporate Checking or other Accounts


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