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Individual Board Member Responsibilities

Duty of Loyalty

Duty to refrain from engaging in personal activities that may injure or take advantage of the organization and the obligation to refrain from furthering one’s own interests at the expense of the organization.

  • Conflict of Interest: A contradiction between one’s obligation to the organization and one’s financial self-interest.

Duty of Due Care

Each member has the obligation to perform governing duties in good faith and always with consideration to the best interest of the organization.

Individual Board Member agree to:

  • Regularly attend board meetings.
  • Notify the President of the inability to attend a meeting.
  • Use experience and expertise when deciding policy
  • Require regular reports of all committee work during board meetings.
  • Monitor the performance of Private Contractors; evaluation is based on their contract, scope of work and expected outcomes.
  • Perform a semi-annual self-evaluation using the Board Performance Review Form.
  • Stay informed about the organization and the organization’s environment (Pine Valley and Baker County). This is done via email and personal contact.
  • Listen with respect. Do not interrupt.
  • In making a decision, each board member has the obligation to express their thoughts.
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