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Operations Policies

Operations, Communications

  • The Board will operate using the consensus process per our bylaws
  • Board members will support the decisions made by the membership
  • The Board will monitor and evaluate Board performance both collectively and individually every (6) months.
  • A Board member may be removed for misconduct and excessive absences as per by-laws.
  • Board members agree to use email to communicate agendas, minutes and documents for review. All other communication will be via email, the telephone or in person depending on what is applicable.
  • Agendas and reports that are included in regular meetings will be submitted to the President one (1) week prior to the meeting. Examples are committee reports, project and grant status updates.
  • The Board uses established project criteria to review proposals submitted to the Board.
  • Another qualified grant writer will review grants.
  • If a Board member has an issue he/she will bring it to the Board for discussion.
  • When a Board member will be gone for an extended period of time he/she will submit notice requesting leave of absence for specific meeting dates.
  • When it is necessary for a Board member to miss a specific meeting he/she will inform the President prior to the meeting.
  • Board members may directly contact Contractors and Personnel to gather information deemed necessary to gain fuller understanding of a given situation, issue or event.
  • A specific Board member will convey the consensus opinion and directives of the Board tot he contractor or Personnel
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