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Adios Steve and Thank You

Headshot of Steve White

We couldn’t let Steve White step away from the board without giving him a huge shoutout for his incredible journey with us! From day one until 2023, Steve has been the heart and soul of our team, bringing his passion, insight, and boundless enthusiasm to everything he does.

Steve, you’ve been with us through thick and thin, helping us navigate the ups and downs, and your long-term perspective has been invaluable. Plus, let’s not forget your fantastic work with the ice rink – you’ve turned it into a true community treasure!

Your dedication and positivity have inspired us all. While you may be stepping back from the board, we know your spirit will live on, especially at the rink, which stands as a testament to your hard work and vision.

So here’s to you, Steve! Thank you for your countless hours, your brilliant ideas, and for being an all-around awesome human being. We wish you nothing but the best in your future adventures, and we hope you’ll come back and visit us (and the ice rink!) soon.