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Agenda – June 6th 2015

United Community Partners April , 2015 Meeting Fellowship Hall – 1:30 -3:30 PM Members: Liz McLellan, Julie Zaccone,  Kat Davis, Rev. Bill Sheilds, Steve White, Chad Bilberry, Milicent Simpson Please bring your own copies of all relevant documents…. Read More

Agenda April 6th, 2015 Meeting

All community members are welcome and encouraged to come. We’ve recently adjusted how we do things. Every monthly meeting there will be an open community session at the beginning of the meeting (so you don’t need to stick… Read More

Agenda PDF for March 2, 2015 Meeting

See you at 1:30 at the Fellowship Hall Annex . Everyone is welcome!

2014 Annual Meeting Agenda – Dec. 1st, 2014

United Community Partners Annual Meeting – Dec. 1st 2014 1. Treasurer’s Report – Minutes 2. Annual Meeting Delay – This meeting was supposed to happen by August 2014 but, due to family crises for Board President Liz McLellan,… Read More

Sheeps towering over Cornucopia Mountain

Everyone is welcome at our monthy meeting

First Monday of the Month – Presbyterian Fellowship Hall 1:30pm

Meeting Agenda for May 6th, 2013

1:30-3:30pm Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall Annex 1. Treasurer’s Report – Bill Schuhle, 5 minutes 2. Bandstand update – Bill Shields, 5 minutes 3. New members progress – Liz, 5 minutes 4. Eagle Creek Orchard project – Liz, 5… Read More

UCP Special Meeting AGENDA April 15, 2013 1:30-3:00 p.m.- Presbyterian Church – Annex – Meeting Room NOTE – this is TAX DAY…so plan ahead. 1. Brief development/discussion of meeting norms going forward.  1o-15 minutes. 2. Maillist Issue –… Read More

Meeting Agenda: UCP – Monday April 1st, 2013

Insert clever April Fool’s Joke Here. UCP General Meeting AGENDA April 1, 2013 1:30-3:00 p.m.- Presbyterian Church – Annex – Meeting Room I.  Treasurer’s Report – Bill Schuhle II. Election of Officers III. Bandshell – Bill Sheilds IV. … Read More