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Dark Sky Halfway (formerly NorthEast Oregon Stars ) is committed to preserving North East Oregon’s natural night skies. We raise awareness about light pollution’s harmful effects on wildlife, human health, and the environment. By promoting thoughtful lighting and low-impact astro-tourism, we aim to create a safe, serene environment through community collaboration, working toward International Dark Sky Association certification for Halfway. Our goal is to maintain a star-filled refuge, fostering wonder, health, and a connection with the universe for all generations.  IMAGE LINK TO RESOURCE PAGE



DARKSKY APPROVED LOGO frm Dark Sky InternationalWe envision Halfway as a community where the night sky inspires well-being for everyone. Preserving the stars and promoting low-impact astro-tourism, we create a haven for all beings. Collaborating with our community, local government, tribal leaders, neighboring towns, businesses, and residents in the NE Panhandle area, we protect natural beauty. Our long-term goal extends to preserving night skies across the larger North East region of Oregon. With “Keep North East Oregon Dark,” we invite all to embrace and protect the universal beauty of our night sky, fostering belonging and shared responsibility.


This project came out of the work at Pine Valley 2050 over the last six months. More History coming soon!



Oregon’s Competitive Dark Sky Advantage

Join Us

Social Media – Let’s #keepnortheastoregondark – use our hashtag when you post on social media about dark sky, light pollution, images of the night sky where you are, bad outdoor lighting, wildlife – especially the nocturnal creatures, great outdoor lighting or anything that might interest the wider dark sky community. Help us raise awareness in North Eastern Oregon.

The NEOS Working group – 8-10 messages every 2 weeks.
The NEOS Events and Updates Mail List – At most 1-2 messages every two weeks.
The NEOS Facebook group – Hopefully for friendly discussions and recruitment of folks who are in our region.
To join the wider movement – become a member of Dark Sky International. They have immense resources and content as well as global events online and off.
Join Dark Sky International as an Advocate. As an advocate you will help us become a recognized Dark Sky Chapter , Dark Sky Community and eventually perhaps a Dark Sky reserve or park.
The more advocates and members we have in our region the more likely we will achieve our goals.

Dark Sky Halfway Resources Page – info on home and ranch lighting, health, habitat.
Dark Sky Videos