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Project Eligibility

A project will be eligible for consideration if the application explains how…

  • The project is compatible with the UCP Mission
  • The group or organization proposing the project is able to demonstrate the ongoing commitment and involvement of the team needed to complete the project
  • The project would benefit a significant part of the community population
  • The project makes use of local businesses and resources where possible
  • The project is allowed within the scope of UCP’s non-profit status (ex: no political activities)

Past Grants:
Generally our grants range in the $250.00  – $500.00 dollar range. There have been larger grants awarded. All community members are welcome to apply.

Grants 2013 – 2015

Books and Kindles$500.00Awarded to Morgan Gover and Kay Young - project champions at Pine Eagle Charter School.
Halfway Community Gym$250.00Awarded to project champion Denise Cairns.
Halfway Library Garden Project$500.00Awarded to Linda Collier project champion and the Friends of the Library.
PineFest.org $2000.00Seed Grant - In partnership with Cornucopia Arts Council. Project champions Mimi and Eric Kaufman
MainStreet Stage$5,000.00Seed Grant - Project Partners - Chamber of Commerce - Cornucopia Arts

Applying for a Grant

If you think your project is a good match, complete and submit 8 copies of the following:

  1. Grant Application Cover Page (attached)

  2. A narrative describing your proposal. This should (briefly) include:

    • Names and contact info for the “Project Champions” – Who are the people doing the main work of the project responsible for the success of the project? Who is responsible for accounting for the success or setbacks of the project, talking to UCP about the application or other project issues?
    • Who are the contacts at any affiliated organization or group responsible for the project – the “Project Owner.” This only applies if your project is owned by an existing entity such as Pine Valley Charter School, The Cornucopia Arts Council, a faith organization or another organization with decision making powers.
    • Major project activity or activities, your time line and where the project will occur.
    • Who will benefit, directly and indirectly, from the project. Include the total estimated number of community members served.  How will they benefit?
    • How the project is a good fit for the mission of United Community Partners?
    • How you will evaluate whether your project is a success?


    A completed project budget (attached). Include all funding sources, including in-kind donations of time or materials. Please be specific about your sources for quotes, bids or estimates for purchases or services included in your budget.  Please attach a copy or print out of any estimates you have for supplies, equipment or bids. Requests without this documentation are unlikely to ge awarded.

Key Project Terms:

Project Owner: Any sponsoring organization or group responsible for accounting and reporting on the funds. These are your “authorized decision makers.” This entity has the power to cancel the project, to sign off on completion and to sign any legal documents necessary for the project to succeed. You must include name and contact information. Not all community projects have “a project owner” but, if your project is dependant on decision makers in an organization (i.e. Pine Eagle Charter School, a faith organization, the Fair Board, a business or The Chamber for example) then we need to know how to contact those decision makers for any required documents, signatures or reports required.

Project Champion: This is the person or persons responsible for making the project happen. These folks are responsible for the day to day running of the project or effort. Must include names, contact information and any specific roles. i.e Joe is the main contact for UCP, Sue is the Treasurer, Ellen is keeping records etc…


(NOTE: Grant applications will be reviewed only FOUR TIMES each year. Make sure your project timeline and need for funding aligns with the review and award dates – below.)

Application Final Review Dates: First Monday of  January 2016, May 2016, August 2016 November 2016 February 2017, May 2017, August 2017, November 2017.

Grant Packet DUE DATES:

Packet Due Third Monday in December (15) for January (16) meeting.
Packet Due Third Monday in April  (16) for May (16) Meeting.
Packet Due Third Monday in July (16) for August (16) Meeting
Packet Due Third Monday in October (16) for November (16) Meeting
Packet Due Third Monday in January (17) for February (17) Meeting

Grant packets will be reviewed between the packet due date and the grant review dates by board members. Board members MAY contact you during this period to suggest revisions or ask clarifying questions. If you are asked to resubmit your grant – please do it within this period. Our hope is that the feedback from board members will make it more likely that the grant will be awarded to the project as concerns raised by the application are addressed BEFORE the actual final review meeting where the decision to fund or not has to be made by consensus by a quorum of the current UCP Board.

Final applications will be discussed by the UCP Board of Directors on the first Monday of April, July, October and January each year. IMPORTANT: A representative (preferably a project champion) for the project is required to attend the UCP meeting at which the project will be reviewed. This representative  must be able to answer the boards questions about the application, the project and any other concerns the UCP board has.

Application packets must be received by Rev. Bill Shields NO LATER THAN 15 days BEFORE of 1st of the month the grant is to be reviewed. UCP may give you feedback on the application via email in hopes of helping the grant application succeed and if needed a chance to re-submit for the April, July, October or January cycle. Please make yourself available by email. Late or non-existent responses to board questions can impact the grant process negatively.

Successful applicants will be notified within 15 days of application review. In general, all applicants will receive feedback from board members regarding concerns about all grant applications in order to make success more likely in the future.

Checks will be released no later than the last Friday of the month in which they are reviewed by UCP.


  • Funds received from the UCP must be expended as proposed within 12 months of the date of the award check.
  • The group or organization receiving funds must agree to use those monies only for the purpose for which they were intended.If the funds are not used for their intended purpose within the 12 month grant period, they are to be immediately returned to the Treasurer of UCP.
  • In no event are the funds to be used for a purpose other than as expressly identified in the grant proposal and approved by the UCP Board of Directors.
  • No funds are allowed to be used on project expenses which have already occurred.



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