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Guest Post: Sara Artley The Village Fund Committee Chair

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Knowing your neighbors and recognizing every village is only as strong as its most vulnerable denizens, is one of the most basic tenets of rural life.  And, while rural America may not have been founded strictly on the principles of community, charity and kindness, they are three of the roots that have allowed many areas such as ours to not only survive, but also to thrive.

It was for this reason The Village Fund was formed. The current COVID-19 crisis and the economic impacts due to mandatory business closures and stay at home orders have created severe, immediate and potentially long-term financial hardships for many of our local community members.  

The Village Fund, created, supported and managed by and for residents of Eagle and Pine valleys and Oxbow, is a tangible and wonderful way for us to not only help those in need but in turn also keep our village strong.

While it’s taken longer than planned, we are nevertheless thrilled we’ve gotten everything in place in just one month!  As of April 27, 2020 we are ready to begin accepting applications for assistance. Click HERE for a PDF of the application, or you may pick up a hard copy at either The Richland Café or the Cornucopia Coffee House. You may also email us at TheVillageFund20@gmail.com to request a PDF be emailed to you. Please see instructions on the application.

If you need assistance with personal tasks like getting groceries, food assistance please get in touch with Nora Aspy or visit the Halfway Helpful Facebook group where you can make requests or volunteer.

The Village Fund, Committee Chair
Sara Artley