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Ice Rink Open – Sign Up for Notices By Email

The Halfway Lions Club and the Pine Eagle Charter School will provide ice skating on the school tennis courts. There is no cost and good skates of all sizes are available at the rink. The school has kindly let us use the school’s hot houses to put on skates. Please be respectful of property and safety.

CALL STEVE IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO ARRANGE A SKATE PARTY OUTSIDE OF REGULAR HOURSWe will do this every Friday-Sunday (2018-2019) weather permitting. Conditions can cause poor ice – so do check regularly so you don’t miss a good skate! Notices will be on facebook, twitter and here on the  UCP site on the right side of the screen. 

This is an ANNOUNCEMENT ONLY notification email. If you have questions please contact Steve White by email at treasurer@unitedcommunitypartners.org or phone (541) 403-2985.

Sign up your EMAIL for up to the minute ice rink conditions and closed/open hours.

Please NOTE: Hours of operation are highly variable due to the availability of overseers and because weather can temporarily cause poor ice conditions. Therefore timely notification of open hours will not appear in the newspaper. Announcement of open hours will be made at the school, on the downtown bulletin board and by our email notifications list a few times a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You may get the same notification twice if Steve has not updated the weather conditions on the site.

If you have a group, you can call Steve White and we may be able to open anytime or arrange a night skate party.

Steve White UCP Board Treasurer
Steve White UCP Board Treasurer

The tennis courts/ice rink are on the north side of the school grounds. It can be accessed by turning west on the roads just south or north of the Auto parts store. Do not block roadways please.

Map of Ice Rink location at Pine Eagle - The Ice Rink is behind the hog pens at the tennis court.

Ice Rink is a project of Steve White and the Halfway Lion’s Club

Photo by chtfj21