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Minutes – Annual Meeting – February 25, 2013

City Hall unavailable – meeting moved to home of Steve & Summer White
Present: Ruai Gregory, Bill Schuhle, Steve White, Larry Miller, Celinda Miller, Mark Christianson, Liz McLellan, Bill Shields

I  Annual Wrap up; 2012 accomplishments

Ruai summarized the following:

  • Fair Grandstand: successful fundraising effort
  • Pine Eagle Education Foundation (PEEF): partnered with them in grantwriting efforts. Our support is no longer necessary since they have finally attained nonprofit status.
  • Recycling Center: successful fundraising effort and contribution. Our support is no longer necessary since they have attained nonprofit status.
  • Website and Facebook page: ongoing development and upkeep by Liz.
  • Community group networking: Jacob’s Dream, Senior meal relocation to school
  • Pine Eagle Community Preschool: doing well this year, and will be partnering for grant applications.
  • Pine Valley Museum: video history and outdoor equipment display projects
  • Community Center: The Binfords have donated their gym equipment to the Pine Eagle Charter School’s community wellness program, which will sponsor the gym, along with other community center – style classes and activities. The Bowling Alley building will continue to be available for private party rentals. Therefore, our community center subcommittee no longer needs to exist. Ruai will transfer the $224.00 balance of that account to the main UCP account.

II  Projects/Plans for 2013

  • Downtown Bandstand: Bill Shields gave an update. The funds will be needed in two weeks, in order to get started on the project.
  • Ford Family Foundation’s Leadership Institute (Pine-Eagle): the training has definitely been approved for this coming fall. Applications for participants will be due June 30.
  • Organize and host community network meeting: Bill Johnson spoke with Ruai at length about this idea, and is also talking with representatives from the Chamber and City regarding who would be best to host and facilitate this.
  • Continued support for Pine-Eagle Community Preschool and Pine Valley Museum
  • Board Meeting facilitation training: Steve presented an outline for a proposed training he would like to give our new UCP board as they enter into leadership.
  • Celinda described the Community Regeneration materials she plans to share soon with the group. The Time Bank and other community support projects could fall under this topic, with lots of strategies and ideas to assist us.
  • Larry has information on the community effort to bring back the use of the spring as a water source in the west wall area. He is not sure if UCP or the City would be the best sponsor of this possible project.

III  Board appointments for 2013

It was agreed that the new board members are: Bill Shields, Liz McLellan, Celinda Miller, Bill Schuhle and Steve White.

IV Next meeting: March 4, 1:30pm, Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall