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Minutes – April 1, 2013

Pine Valley Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 1:35-2:55pm

Present: Ruai Gregory, Liz McLellan, Bill Shields, Bill Schuhle, Mark Christianson, Denise Christianson, Larry & Celinda Miller, Steve White, Eric & Mimi Kauffman

Outgoing President Ruai Gregory asked who would like to chair the meeting and Liz McLellan, who had put together the agenda, agreed to chair. Opting not to put the visiting Kauffmans through listening to last meeting’s minutes, it was agreed that Bill Schuhle would email them to all for approval.

  1. Financial Report. The finance report showed a net decrease in the Checking balance of $5,000 (paid to the Chamber for bandstand construction) and an increase of $5.06 in the Brokerage account in the past month. The full report was read and approved. Later in the meeting, Bill brought up the need for a petty cash fund for small expenses such as postage stamps and the group approved establishing a fund of $100.00.
  2. Selection of Officers. With all Board members present at this meeting, selection of officers proceeded with Bill Schuhle nominating Liz McLellan for the office of President. Denise seconded. Discussion ensued ending in a unanimous affirmative consensus. Liz accepted the job for six months and asked that in return each member commit to recruiting one new member to UCP to broaden our community representation and this was agreed. A suggestion was made that new members could be representatives of other local groups rather than simply interested individuals and this idea received positive response. Ruai nominated Bill Schuhle to continue as Treasurer and there was an affirmative consensus here as well. The position of Secretary was discussed. Bill Schuhle offered to add these duties to his duties as Treasurer and this was agreed to by the group. So our officers as of this date are Liz McLellan – President, and Bill Schuhle – Secretary/Treasurer.
  3. Cornucopia Arts Council Request for Funding. Eric & Mimi Kauffman, representing CAC, passed out a written description and proposed budget for the Music Festival they are planning for the Fairgrounds this fall. There were immediate questions about the Fairgrounds vs. the Pat’s Park bandstand and some confusion and conflation of the two projects as one among members present. The differences were explained in detail by Mimi and elaborated on later by Bill Shields. On seeing the $600 line item for rental of the Fairgrounds, Denise made a strong recommendation that CAC join the Fair Association and have a representative on the Board. Once a member, they would have use of the Fairgrounds at no charge. She also suggested that CAC could take the burden off the Fair Association of providing music during the fall Fair & Rodeo. Ruai pointed out that funding sources beyond those listed in the budget presented could include the Ford Family Foundation and Cycle Oregon. There was discussion of the option for UCP to loan rather than grant the requested $2,000. Such a loan would be subject to approval by the CAC board as well as agreement within UCP that this is something we would like to do.
  4. Bandstand Project Update. Bill Shields indicated that we have permits and that materials have been purchased. Funding in the amount of $3,500 has been secured for the sound system thanks to the family in the Portland area who donated so generously to the grandstands reconstruction project. A fund-raising brochure is in the works for distribution within the community to help with additional needs. Cindy Thayer is working on a grant application to the Ford Family Foundation for approximately $2,500 to cover running power to the site, stage lighting, and small additions to the sound system specifications. Bill asked if we would like funds donated as a result of the fund-raising brochure to come in through UCP. Liz indicated that as an umbrella organization, that would make sense. She also pointed out that donations could be made via PayPal on UCP’s web site. Checks to UCP should also be acceptable.
  5. Flip Chart Custodian. Liz noted that Steve had offered to write discussion notes on flip charts at meetings. Steve explained that this tends to move things along and to help people feel that they are heard. Liz said if he wanted to do that, he could be the guy.
  6. Spartan Run. Larry, who in the past had suggested a biathlon as a possible viable local event, introduced the group to the idea of a “Spartan run” which is race gaining popularity among athletes and is, he said, at the stage that “ironman”type triathlons were 25 years ago. There are currently none in Oregon. It is an obstacle course (including such things as burning logs) and could be hosted at the fairgrounds as it is a spectator sport. Entry fees run $50-$100 and events fill quickly. Corporate sponsors such as Nike are a possibility. Larry will bring more information to our next meeting.
  7. Procedural Issues/Respectful Exchange. Mark expressed a desire for the group to discuss and come to agreement on procedural issues – “how we get things done.” He will solidify the wording of this request for agenda inclusion. He also shared a concern about respectful exchange of ideas during meetings in an atmosphere free of judgmental comments. It was agreed that this should be our goal.
  8. Next Meeting’s Agenda. A tentative agenda for our next meeting includes the CAC funds request, a bandstand report, a report on community regeneration, possibly a “Spartan” report, and discussion of procedure.
  9. Our next regular meeting will be May 6, 2013, and will be held at the Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall at 1:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Schuhle, Secretary/Treasurer