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Minutes – August 6, 2012


(Next meeting: Tues., Sept. 4, 1pm (since Monday is Labor Day))

Halfway Library

Present: Ruai Gregory, Bill Schuhle, Mark Christianson, Liz McLellan, Linda Collier

  1. Review of music festival idea (moving forward with Cornucopia Arts Council and without our suggested assistance), fair board fundraising process and results (very successful, and one donor gave $17,000 after reading the Oregonian article!).  Ruai mentioned she’d been contacted by the Jr. high basketball coach to see if UCP could be the pass-through for grant applications.
  2. Treasurer’s report: (see below).  Bill, the treasurer, read Steve White’s summary of the stability of various investments, reiterating that our current fund is sound. Liz suggested, in response to Denise Christianson’s concerns (voiced to Ruai) that we could include information on our UCP website about our investments – so that we are very transparent.  Liz also requested assistance in developing a “Services” page on the website, along with “Resources”, listing grantors.
  3. Website development: agreed to pay Liz for her work in setting up the UCP website and paypal fundraising capability. She will give us her invoice for reimbursement.
  4. Projects:

Pine Eagle Community Preschool: fundraising has been very successful, and the Commission on Children and Families will provide funds this year.

Pine Eagle Education Foundation (PEEF): continue to wait for approval on their 501C3 status, and plan to continue applying for grants through us.

Pine Valley Museum: Sally Andrews continues to work on her oral history interviews. Bill reported that he has brought in weathered wood for a sign for the historical farm equipment exhibit.

Seed Sharing Station: (at Jacob’s Dream).  Liz shared specifics on the project and the fact that Jacob’s Dream approved the location (on their porch).  Kert Lawrence will donate the wood to build it and needs funds to pay for his labor. She requested that we offer the online fundraising opportunity on our website as a joint project with Jacob’s Dream. We unanimously agreed.  Liz also said she welcomes similar small, doable projects to promote.

Community Resource Book: need to finalize contact names and numbers.  We will divide up names.  When completed, Liz will post on the website. Linda recommended using Kay Young’s email list to send the document out for corrections.

  1. Community Concern: Mark reported on the graffiti on Wild Bill’s wall across from the post office.  He contacted Wild Bill’s and found out that since it has been reported and is in litigation, no one can touch it.  They need a contractor’s estimate.  Mark was hoping to volunteer to paint it over (as the message is racist), but was told he could not.
  2. Potential Project: Linda shared the Pine Valley Cross Country Ski Club’s idea to purchase cross country skis for children as part of their joint project with the school district.  She requested we sponsor them for Leo Adler and Cycle Oregon grants for an approximate total of $10,000.00. We unanimously agreed to serve as the pass through organization for the fundraising.  Liz will work with Linda on including the project on our website.
  3. Next meeting: Tues., Sept. 4, 1pm (since Monday is Labor Day)


Financial Report

August 6, 2012 (amended with new brokerage balance received 8/7/12)

Note: There was extensive checking account activity during June and July due to our acting as pass-through for donations to the Pine Valley Fair Association’s fund drive to rebuild the grandstands at the fairgrounds. There were over 100 deposits during the two months and several transfers of funds from our account to the appropriate PVFA account.

USBank Checking Account

Previous balance   $1,000.00

Total June deposits for PVFA   $86,499.54

Total July deposits for PVFA   $20,683.30

Total June transfers to PVFA   <$86,499.54>

Total July transfers to PVFA   <$18,572.80>

Check to Liz McLellan for UCP domain name & hosting cleared .  <$95.40>

USBank account analysis charges   <$22.04>

July 31, 2012 Statement Balance   $2,993.06

August deposits for PVFA to date   $1,150.00

Current Balance   $4,143.06

Note: Current Balance includes our 1% pass-through fee (to date) of $1,035.50 withheld from the last transfer in July.

USBank Brokerage Account

Balance as of April 30, 2012   $19,168.29

Balance as of May 31, 2012   $18,598.53

Balance as of June 29, 2012   $18,740.35

Balance as of July 31, 2012   $18,884.51

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Schuhle, Treasurer



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