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Minutes – November 5th, 2012

1:30-3:30 pm; Halfway Library

Present: Ruai Gregory, Bill Schuhle, Mark Christianson, Denise Christianson, Liz McLellan, Larry Miller, Celinda Miller, Carol Harris, Steve White


Announcements, Introductions: Welcome to Carol – here for her first meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:

No changes or activity in checking account.

Steve reported on the investment at US Bank.  He asked us to decide what percentage should be used for junk bond investments. Discussion ensued regarding what are safe investments, timing (with regard to the election and economic situation).  The comprehensive investment currently earns 4%. It was agreed that Steve would meet with the broker to reallocate maximum funds for the next quarter.


Bandstand: In Bill Shield’s absence it was determined the update discussion will take place next month.  Ruai mentioned that the new Bandstand project in Baker City might have their old bandstand available.  She will check on this and report back. Denise questioned the idea of placing a bandstand on private property.  She felt it would be much better, collaboration wise, to focus on the fairgrounds.  There is more room for an audience, the fair board needs help with organizing entertainment – it would be great to have Cornucopia Arts Council in charge of music at the fair. A meeting could be planned to discuss the possibilities, with representatives from the Fair Association, Arts Council, Chamber of Commerce, etc. Steve will check in with Cornucopia Arts Council to found out their thoughts on the bandstand project at this point.

Cross Country Ski Track: Linda Collier reported to Ruai that the Adler grant has been submitted, along with another grant.  She will submit copies of both.  Liz will develop a project report summary form for the website, so all grants can be tracked.

Pine Eagle Community Preschool: completed purchase of new outdoor equipment, via Adler grant.

Pine Eagle Educational Fund: Ruai will check to see which grants they are applying for.

Seed Sharing station: Liz reported that it’s been in use now for 2 months, (1 month in temporary form and 1 month in permanent form) and would like UCP to pay $70.00 to Kert Lorence for his building labor services.  $70.00 is the amount that has been donated so far via our PayPal account. Liz is still seeking donations to cover the full cost. The station will close down for the winter. Ruai asked if the sign could mention it as a UCP project. Liz will ask Bill Schuhle to do this.

UCP Website: Liz needs updated minutes to complete the history portion of the site, ideally by Jan. 15, 2013. Ruai will send 2008-2012 minutes to Steve.

New Project proposals:

Biofuel Project: Larry reported on biofuel (ethanol) possible uses in our community.  This could be an excellent business opportunity to develop.  He built a greenhouse to use for growing Jerusalem Artichokes for fuel.  Catalina Sattiva is another excellent crop.  $1500.00 is the only cost needed for the conversion equipment.  He is very interested in sharing this information with others.  Individuals could develop this for low cost fuel (.70/gallon).  Liz suggested connecting with a fuel cooperative and putting out a written proposal. (org suggestion from Liz bealocalist.org may have ideas)

There could be potential grant funds in the coop structure.  Larry felt it could be a great school project too.  The potential implications for the city and their sewage treatment project are strong as well, with methane production as a biofuel too. Denise suggested going to EOU or other colleges to find a graduate student who could write a grant and take on a community project that UCP could then team with. Liz shared three environmental science organizations that could be helpful resources. Their visions and commitments involve resilience in energy production in small communities.

Documentary Film Event: Ruai shared information on the Cascadia film that is currently touring with the film makers in the northwest.  The group agreed that we should sponsor the film in Dec. Ruai will look into this.

Grant writing service: Larry shared an ad for a grantwriter that says “we write and propose your project until funded.  Guaranteed. (530)-243-4294.  34 years experience.” Liz will look into this.

Ford Family Foundation Leadership Institute news: Ruai reported on the current Baker County cohort’s training and project (a bronzed Salt Lick in Baker).  There is a good possibility that Halfway can host a Leadership training next year, if a minimum of 24 people can be recruited.  Liz offered to post information on this on our website and facebook page.

Action items needed to complete:

  • Community Resource list (Ruai)

  • Talk with YMCA administration regarding the Biathlon idea (Ruai)

  • UCP article/interview for HCJ (Mark)

  • check on Baker’s old bandstand (Ruai)

  • develop project summary form (Liz and Ruai)

  • check on  grant writing service (Liz)

  • check on PEEF grants (Ruai)

  • send minutes to Steve (Ruai)

  • review website (unitedcommunitypartners.org)(Ruai, Liz and all)

  • update historical website information by Jan. 15 (Steve and Liz)

  • book film event (Ruai)

  • speak with Arts Council re bandstand (Steve).


Next Meeting: Dec. 3, 1:30pm, Halfway Library