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Minutes – October 7, 2013

Pine Valley Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 1:35-2:35pm

Present: Liz McLellan, Bill Schuhle, Steve White, Celinda Miller, Mark Christianson

Absent: Bill Shields, Ruai Gregory, Larry Miller, Denise Christianson

Preliminary Question: Liz asked what constituted a quorum for decision-making purposes. Bill Schuhle said he thought 2/3 for board decisions, but wasn’t sure about general meetings.

Minutes: Liz asked for any objections to the minutes as sent out via email. She indicated that objections should be stated by email so corrections could be made, asking that Celinda pass that info along to Larry. There were no objections, so the minutes were considered adopted.

Finance Report. The finance report, which included information on both UCP’s grant to the MainStreet Stage and the grant from the Ford Family Foundation to UCP for the stage, was approved and is available separately. Bill stated that he would very soon be requesting a report from the Cornucopia Arts Council on how UCP’s $2,000 grant for Pine Fest was spent. He also reported on the destruction of UCP’s debit card based on the strong recommendation in the financial stewardship sessions recently in Baker that these NOT be a part of non-profit organizations’ financial tools as they are too open to abuse. USBank is offering a new credit card designed specifically for organizations like UCP with several advantages over a debit card and Bill said he would apply for one if that was agreeable to the group, which it was.

After Bill explained the current status of the Ford grant as being approximately $150 still available, but with the official deadline for disbursement past, it was agreed that he would contact Ford about an extension and inquire about the use of the funds for stage wall finishing (which is a different use than stated in the grant application).

Bill also explained an anti-embezzlement practice suggested in Baker of not having the person who writes the checks be the same person who signs them. It was agreed that, as a practice, henceforth Bill, as Treasurer, will write our checks and Liz, as President, will sign them.

Liz’s Letter to the Editor: Liz asked if there were comments or feedback on her letter to the Hells Canyon Journal attempting to clarify her role and UCP’s role in online fund-raising for Eagle Valley Orchards. People seemed to like the letter. Liz said she would think about re-structuring the way she handles fund-raising, particularly when the recipient is a business vs. a non-profit. Liz commented on the “bang-up” summer we’ve had with fund-raising, events at the MainStreet Stage, Pine Fest, etc. Steve suggested some kind of newspaper write-up about it all.

Ford Leadership Training. Liz, Larry, Celinda, and Bill Shields are participating in the Ford training being held in Halfway over several months. Liz and Celinda both reported being very enthusiastic about their experience so far and what they are getting from the training. Liz asked that folks consider ideas – and put the word out that the group is seeking ideas – for what they might adopt as their project to accomplish for the local community. Steve suggested augmenting the cross-country ski program.

Center for Non-Profit Stewardship Training. Liz, Celinda, Bill Schuhle, and Bill Shields, as UCP board members, attended this one-day training in Baker City. It was primarily about the legalities and responsibilities of serving on a non-profit board. There were several sessions related to finance as well as sessions on board and membership recruitment and succession planning. Bill and Liz commented on their pleasure at meeting and talking with Kirk Harvey, Chief Investigator for the Oregon Department of Justice, how helpful he was, and how very much “on our side” he is.

Bylaws Proposal. Liz, after looking through the bylaws, has concluded that re-working them will not be the huge task we have been envisioning since they mostly consist of boilerplate legal wording which we will not be changing. She asked that we specifically look over the section on voting, quorum, and membership, and see if there are things there that we would like to change. This discussion will be on the agenda for our November meeting. She feels that the Vision & Strategy Statement is ripe for updating and offered to form an ad hoc committee of herself, Bill Shields, and maybe one other person, to compact the vision statement and bring it back to the group for discussion in December or January. Liz will send out emails regarding these two separate discussions and how to prepare for them. She also suggested placing a discussion of our goals for the coming year on the December/January agenda.

Open Discussion: Steve offered the idea of an ice skating rink in Lions Park as a possible Ford community project. Liz recommended creating a skills matrix as part of any board recruitment effort to see where gaps might be that could specifically be filled by a new board member. She also proposed the possibility of hiring an accountant (local CPA Kelly Higgins?) for a couple of hours of coaching for treasurer Bill Schuhle if he thought that would be helpful, which he did.

Meeting adjourned at 2:35pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Schuhle, Secretary/Treasurer