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Minutes, Oct 5th 2015

United Community Partners – Meeting Minutes – Oct. 5th, 2015

Steve White
Julie Zaccone
Chad Bilbrey
Liz McLellan
Millicent Simpson
Bill Shields

Excused Absent
Kat Davis


1. Check ins (Liz) (3 minutes)

2. Adoption of minutes from last meeting Julie (3 min)

-One change: The Board Training that Julie presented is Through the Center for Non-Profit Stewardship in Pendleton, and is not being lead by Jeff Nelson –

3. Guest presentation/request – Bill Schuhle *see note below

4. Treasurer Report – Steve had print out, see attached.
Current ending balance for September 2015 is $12,529. We had discussion on our current Investment, and agreed to discuss further

5. Questions for Grant Applicants (5 minutes) ­ Internal Board Discussion.

Bill Shields declined to vote on either grant applications for personal reasons with both. Millicent declined to vote on D’Tour grant application because she is a volunteer for the organization. Chad declined to vote for After School Program grant application because his wife is running the program.


D’Tour- Question on “who” would have use of the Printer/copier, entire community? Strictly Pine Baptist Church? On paint request, application shows that half would be painted now (1st paint date was 9/26), would amount of paint requested still be necessary? How did you arrive at this budget amount?

After School Program – Is this program presently running?

6. Community Presentations ­ Small Grants ­ Community members invited in to present.

2:15 Grant Presentation – Betty Warmath presenting D’Tour Youth Program request

-No Show, Camille Hearne was contacted by phone and thought her husband was coming for meeting. Called back and withdrew the grant application.

2:25 Questions from the members of the Board regarding D’Tour Grant

2:45 Grant Presentation 2 ­ Jennifer Bilbrey ­

After school program request

Jennifer presented her information. She confirmed that his program had no funding
at this time, but she is working with US Bank for a non-profit Grant. Julie Z is familiar
with US Bank requirements, and offered to help in this application process.

2:55 Questions from the members of the Board regarding After School Program Grant

3:00-­3:15 ­ Board will have ​closed session​ for Grant discussion for D’Tour. (Board members only)

Both Applications were declined, at this time.

7. Review of Application Form/Process ­ Liz (5 Minutes) ­

  • What’s missing? What is too much? etc
  • Need to clarify requesting entity on grant application
  • Clarify the amount requesting and how amount determined, be specific
  • Once application submitted, make time for review by board, review with applicant and suggestions for improvement to application, resubmission with changes, then final discussion and decision.

8. Lion’s issue, continued (Bill? 10 minutes) ­ Community Members welcome (sub­topic: community insurance)

9. Open Discussion ­ Community Members welcome 10 minutes ­ Ideas, projects, concerns ­ Open format.

10. Check outs Liz (3 minutes)

3:30 ­ Adjourn

* Bill Schuhle visited representing the Museum group – requesting assistance from UCP regarding updating their bylaws. It was agreed, that Bill should take a copy of our revised bylaws as a template for the Museum group to review. UCP would like to help on specifics but it’s unclear what help is needed at this time. UCP asked that The museum group return with specific questions or needs we could help on.

Decisions Made

Grant 1_2015 – D’Tour Program
NO – Unanimous consensus was not reached.

Grant 2_2015 – Afterschool Program
NO – Unanimous consensus was not reached.

UCP offers Julie Zaccone’s services in consultation with writing the grant application to US Bank.

Action Items:

  • Liz will contact Jen Bilbrey to explain “No” vote and offered support from UCP – Julie will confer with Jen on US BANK grant application one-on-one.
  • Bill Shields will make sure to offer Facebook support to Lions again from Liz and Millicent.
  • Liz will write up “No” decision for D’Tour and explanation “success tips” and encourage reapplication.
  • Liz will add “Annual Report + Annual Meeting” + “Fund Management review to November Agenda – (every year)
  • Liz will write up revised Granting timeline and process as well as amend the Grant Application with suggestions which arose in today’s discussion.

Next Meeting Agenda Items

– Review and amend grant process and Grant Application (Also to be discussed ongoing on our maillist.)

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