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Meeting Agenda: UCP – Monday April 1st, 2013

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UCP General Meeting
April 1, 2013
1:30-3:00 p.m.- Presbyterian Church – Annex – Meeting Room

I.  Treasurer’s Report – Bill Schuhle
II. Election of Officers
III. Bandshell – Bill Sheilds
IV.  Eric Kaufman – Music Festival
V.  Other Items

If you have something you would like to add to the agenda – e-mail or call Liz McLellan

Note: Steve White – has offered to be notetaker /owner of the flip stand.


Minutes: March 4, 2013

United Community Partners
Meeting of March 4, 2013
Pine Valley Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, 1:40-3:10pm

Present: Bill Schuhle, Bill Shields, Mark Christianson, Celinda Miller, Denise Christianson, Liz McLellan

In the absence of President/Secretary Ruai Gregory, it was decided that Treasurer Bill Schuhle would conduct the meeting. Liz McLellan provided an agenda via email prior to the meeting and this was followed. Reading/approval of the previous meeting’s minutes was overlooked/omitted at this meeting.

1.    Financial Report. The finance report showed a net increase in the Checking balance of $226.32 and an increase of $32.47 in the Brokerage account since the last reported balance of 12/31/12. To review the Financials please contact Bill Schuhle, UCP Treasurer.

2.    Selection of Officers. Though a quorum of Board Members was present, it was decided that, due to Steve White’s absence (he was out of town), selection of officers would be postponed until next month’s meeting. It was determined that the minutes of our last meeting, which was our official Annual Meeting and included selection of Board Members, need to be kept on file in case at some point the need arose to provide proof to the State of Oregon that we did in fact have our Annual Meeting as required by our Articles of Incorporation.

3.    Bandstand Project Update. Bill Shields indicated that the project is at the point of entering the permitting process with the County. George Guarino’s CAD drawings of the building plans were passed around to much approval. Plans for drawing power (30 amp circuit) from Dale Denson’s Three Color Building were discussed. Denise urged a written agreement with Dale should we end up using power from his building. Power from the Sowers’ “rock bottom” apartment building would be an option of last resort. There was some discussion of whether sound levels from the bandstand could be considered a nuisance by some and therefore a problem. It was pointed out that since the performances will be conducted in compliance with City ordinances, this shouldn’t be an issue and could be considered “part of living in a small town” as are the sounds broadcast from the rodeo grounds, the high school football field, etc

4.    PEEF Grant Request. Bill Schuhle summarized a request from Vicki Johnson on behalf of the Pine Eagle Education Foundation for $700 to purchase sturdy shelving to store donated art supplies at the elementary school to be used in a new art teaching program being instituted in collaboration with the Carnegie Crossroads Art Center in Baker. After considerable discussion, it was decided that, recent disbursements notwithstanding, our purpose as UCP is to help build community capacity through assisting with grant-writing, etc., rather than through outright grants and that we do not wish to encourage the perception that we are a source of the latter. With this in mind, the decision was made to offer PEEF an interest-free loan of $700 to help them through this immediate need and to be re-paid within 60 days when they have obtained funds from other sources. Bill Shields informed us that Jacob’s Dream will soon be acting as an agency for small grants to different community projects as a way of disbursing its profits now that the summer youth job program is no longer and said that this is likely the very kind of request they will be considering.

5.    Rodale Institute Community Regeneration Update. Celinda indicated she had recently received extensive information in the form of PDF files which she and Bill Schuhle will go through and try to distill into a presentation to be made at either our April or May meeting.

6.    Expression of gratitude to Ruai for her five years of service as UCP President. Liz will compose a letter of appreciation and circulate it for the approval of all.

7.    Seed Sharing Station. Liz indicated that the seed sharing station will be once again set up at Jacob’s Dream and asked that we get the word out about its availability.

8.    Miscellaneous. Bill Shields recommended keeping minutes to basically a record of decisions made. He also urged the establishment of a mechanism for making it clear that a decision had been made. There was discussion of possibly holding UCP meetings at City Hall and also getting a City employee to become part of UCP.

9.    Our next meeting will be April 1, 2013, and will be held at the Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall at 1:30pm.
Respectfully submitted,

Bill Schuhle, acting Secretary

Minutes – Annual Meeting – February 25, 2013

City Hall unavailable – meeting moved to home of Steve & Summer White
Present: Ruai Gregory, Bill Schuhle, Steve White, Larry Miller, Celinda Miller, Mark Christianson, Liz McLellan, Bill Shields

I  Annual Wrap up; 2012 accomplishments

Ruai summarized the following:

  • Fair Grandstand: successful fundraising effort
  • Pine Eagle Education Foundation (PEEF): partnered with them in grantwriting efforts. Our support is no longer necessary since they have finally attained nonprofit status.
  • Recycling Center: successful fundraising effort and contribution. Our support is no longer necessary since they have attained nonprofit status.
  • Website and Facebook page: ongoing development and upkeep by Liz.
  • Community group networking: Jacob’s Dream, Senior meal relocation to school
  • Pine Eagle Community Preschool: doing well this year, and will be partnering for grant applications.
  • Pine Valley Museum: video history and outdoor equipment display projects
  • Community Center: The Binfords have donated their gym equipment to the Pine Eagle Charter School’s community wellness program, which will sponsor the gym, along with other community center – style classes and activities. The Bowling Alley building will continue to be available for private party rentals. Therefore, our community center subcommittee no longer needs to exist. Ruai will transfer the $224.00 balance of that account to the main UCP account.

II  Projects/Plans for 2013

  • Downtown Bandstand: Bill Shields gave an update. The funds will be needed in two weeks, in order to get started on the project.
  • Ford Family Foundation’s Leadership Institute (Pine-Eagle): the training has definitely been approved for this coming fall. Applications for participants will be due June 30.
  • Organize and host community network meeting: Bill Johnson spoke with Ruai at length about this idea, and is also talking with representatives from the Chamber and City regarding who would be best to host and facilitate this.
  • Continued support for Pine-Eagle Community Preschool and Pine Valley Museum
  • Board Meeting facilitation training: Steve presented an outline for a proposed training he would like to give our new UCP board as they enter into leadership.
  • Celinda described the Community Regeneration materials she plans to share soon with the group. The Time Bank and other community support projects could fall under this topic, with lots of strategies and ideas to assist us.
  • Larry has information on the community effort to bring back the use of the spring as a water source in the west wall area. He is not sure if UCP or the City would be the best sponsor of this possible project.

III  Board appointments for 2013

It was agreed that the new board members are: Bill Shields, Liz McLellan, Celinda Miller, Bill Schuhle and Steve White.

IV Next meeting: March 4, 1:30pm, Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall

Annual Meeting to Elect the Board of UCP

United Community Partners (UCP), the Pine Valley nonprofit organization dedicated to community improvement, will have their annual meeting on Monday, Feb. 25, at 7:30pm at City Hall.

Updates and information on achievements and plans will be shared, and the new board will be elected.

All UCP members, past and present, are welcome and encouraged to attend and participate, and interested potential new members may attend and observe.

Contact Ruai Gregory, board chair, with any questions at (541)742-2277.

Minutes – February 4, 2013

Halfway Library, 1:30-3:30pm

Present: Ruai Gregory, Bill Schuhle , Bill Shields, Mark Christianson, Steve White, Celinda Miller, Denise Christianson, Larry Miller, Liz McLellan

1. Minutes: the minutes from the Jan. 21 special meeting were read by Ruai and approved by all.

2. Discussion on the election process. According to the bylaws, we need to hold an annual meeting to which all members are invited, at which time accomplishments of the year will be covered and the new board will be elected (of five members). This new board will then elect the three officers from the board. The meeting will take place on Monday, February 25, at 7:30pm, ideally at City Hall. Denise will contact Sheila to set this up. Ruai will email all past and present members and will write an announcement for the HCJ. Liz will place the announcement on the website.

3. Treasurer’s report: no activity in the checking account this month. Bill Schuhle is in dialogue with US Bank regarding the process for donations for the Ski Club to be deposited, as it may be changing. The brokerage acct. made $59.28 in interest (see attached document).

4. Ford Family Foundation Leadership Training: Ruai reported on the Advanced Facilitation training she attended at Kahneeta from Feb. 1-3, and shared materials. She also shared progress on the organization of the proposed leadership training for Halfway (called “Pine Eagle Cohort”) next fall. The first organizational meeting took place last week, with 5 Ford graduates (Lauri Bryan, Andrea Bryan, Ruai Gregory, Spring Bartlett and Denise Cairns) making initial plans and filling out the Ford community cohort application. Lion’s Club has agreed to provide the Hall free of charge for the training, and Stephanie’s Bakery has agreed to cater the training sessions.

5. Website: Liz would like to post blogs on our website about various resources, topics, etc. She will email us her proposed blogs for our input before posting.

6. Projects:

Bandstand: Steve told us about matching grant opportunities, and that Cindy Thayer has agreed to be our grant writer. Bill Shields explained that the total budget, which includes the sound system, now comes to $16,700.00. It was agreed that we would pay Cindy up to $250.00 (approximately $20.00 per hour) to write one grant application. Denise expressed concerns about utilizing the “grant system”, which includes documenting in-kind contributions. Bill Shields and Celinda agreed that it can be seen as a type of wasteful approach, yet necessary if we wish to “play the game” in order to achieve results in the community. In-Kind was explained as a way to document community support. Bill Shields holds planning meetings each Wed. at 10am at Stephanie’s Bakery. All interested people are welcome. The conceptual plan will be  finalized this Wed., Feb. 6. Liz will put up a project page and Facebook page for the bandstand project.

Cross Country Ski Club: Liz reported. She trained as an instructor and worked with some of the children at school. Several classes have met and the “Borrow Ski” day for the community was highly successful. Liz keeps the facebook page updated regarding the state of the various tracks.

Preschool: Ruai reported on the progress made on the two upcoming fund raisers: the trikeathon takes place the Friday before crab feed and the run/walk is the third Sat. in May. Larry suggested we add a “race-walk” category. He could train the judges in what to watch for. Ruai will tell the organizing committee about this.

7. New Business: Larry reported on the group that is looking into accessing spring water from the valley’s west wall. This would be used for emergencies and could also generate electricity. He and Denise also described the city’s ongoing sewage treatment problems.

Larry described the idea of providing “micro-loans” for business startups. These funds could be in a special account at the bank. Liz mentioned groups that are doing this that can be accessed online: Kiva, Prosper and others. She can write up these resources on our web page.

Celinda described the “community regeneration” project material she has researched. Bill Schuhle is scanning the material and will email it to us. The concept of internal and external inputs and resources was described. This can be helpful in guiding our community development mission.

Larry also talked about the idea of developing a list of classes that could be offered in the community which could generate funds in the summer. There would be a framework, and people would attend from other locations. He will bring material about this possible project. With all the talent in the area, there is a lot of potential for this project. Art Camp and Clear Creek Music Festival could be a part of this too. Steve mentioned the discussion around this same concept at the last LIEAP session a few years ago. The issue that always seems to come up around all the great ideas is the lack of a “champion” to organize, delegate, and implement the project. Liz said she can post something about possible classes to offer on the UCP website. Denise described the opportunity available to offer classes at the fairgrounds.

Next meeting: Feb. 25, 7:30pm – for annual meeting and board election.

Minutes – January 7, 2013

1:30–3:30pm • Halfway Library

Present: Ruai Gregory, Bill Schuhle, Mark Christianson, Steve White, Bill Shields, Celinda Miller, Bruce Honeyman, Mary Jo St. Clair, Mimi Kauffman, Eric Kauffman.

Absent: Liz McLellan, Larry Miller, Denise Christianson

  1. Minutes: approved as amended
  2. Treasurer’s Report: see attached
  3. Ford Family Foundation Leadership training proposal: Ruai announced that 20-25 participants will be needed for Ford to proceed with the proposed leadership training next fall. She will meet with them here on Jan. 22, and the decision will be made Jan. 31.  She encouraged all to sign up to take the fall training, which will take place over 4 weekends.
  4. Project Updates:

Music Festival/Bandstand: Eric, Bruce, Mary Jo and Mimi spoke, representing the Cornucopia Arts Council. They are planning a Sept. 7 Music Festival at the Fairgrounds (the Sat. after the fair) and  3 dates during the summer at the Main St. bandstand, one on July 19 in the evening — Article 15 (Army Reserve Band).  They are applying for an Oregon Arts Commission grant, due Jan. 31, and are talking with Tim Bishop re using Baker County transient room tax funds.   They estimate total cost for all four events to be $9,000 which will include either renting or purchasing sound equipment and the development of a web page.

Discussion clarified the following topics:

•  Admission fees for festival: planned for $10, to include 4 performances

•  Mark suggested booking another group at the downtown bandstand (at Pat’s Park) for Sept. 6, thereby making it effectively a 2 day festival.  This will satisfy the transient room tax usage.

•  The festival will hopefully use multiple stages.  They will pursue the use of the Lion’s Club’s portable stage, located in the Pavilion.

•  Bill Shields informed us of a large mixing board (for sound system) which is located in and owned by the Pine Baptist Church.  The Arts Council will discuss its potential use with Shawn Thatcher.

•  Celinda asked about the timeline for the festival to become self-sustaining.  The answer was 4-5 years.

•  Eric clarified that it would be best for the Arts Council to own the sound equipment, for keeping inventory and storing properly between events.

•  It was agreed that a full, detailed budget is needed, and that the entire “summer of music and arts” should be included in the grants, applied for by the Arts Council, showing full community collaboration between UCP, Hells Canyon Chamber of Commerce, and the Cornucopia Arts Council.

•  Bill Shields proposed that any leftover funds from the Bandstand building could be applied to costs for booking acts that perform there.

•  The Arts Council will discuss further, then get back with us prior to the next UCP meeting.

  1. New Year’s Officer Elections: to be done at the next regular meeting, Feb. 4.  Ruai will locate a full list of members and send out an announcement to them.
  2. Special meeting scheduled: (to go over bylaws and history of UCP), 1:30-3, Jan. 21
  3. Next regular meeting: Feb. 4, 2013

Minutes – December 3, 2012

1:30-3:30pm, Halfway Library

Present: Ruai Gregory, Bill Schuhle, Mark Christianson, Denise Christianson, Linda Collier, Liz McLellan, Bill Shields, Brandie Lincoln, Lauri Bryan, Larry Miller

  1. Minutes: Nov. minutes read and approved.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: (see attached)
  3. Project Updates:

Bandstand: Steve’s letter (see attached); Mark commented on sound systems: need for working with local musicians in researching appropriate components; Bill Shields: Cornucopia Arts Council would like to sponsor at least 3 events.  Community groups are expressing support.  Bill proposed placing the bandstand at a slightly different location at Pat’s Park for clearer visibility. Lauri and Brandie, representing the Chamber of Commerce, mentioned a concern regarding who the “event planner” would be.  It would be very important to have a main person in charge to promote and coordinate events.  Bill Shields reminded them that the proposal includes a budget to pay a person for this job, and would also plan to coordinate a few volunteers too.  Denise agreed that long range sustainability for this project is key, and the hiring of an event planner is a must.  Denise also expressed accessibility concerns regarding Main St. in terms of numbers of elderly who would have to walk several blocks if parking is a problem to attend a downtown event.  Bill Shields addressed this concern from an economic development viewpoint: the benefits to downtown business is the prime concern.  He also said the stage would be built on skids, and therefore moveable to other locations, such as Lion’s Park and the fairgrounds. Liz pointed out the role of online visibility (via our website and facebook page) in publicizing events. Denise spoke as a Baker City business owner regarding declining customers.  Brandie agreed that this is a current issue out here as well.  Discussion ensued regarding various ways to increase customer attraction.  Lauri mentioned the importance of vibrant, attractive additions such as the bandstand.  Ruai shared the success of the latest Ford Family Foundation’s Baker cohort that is moving forward with a project to create a bronzed salt lick sculpture for downtown Baker City.  Denise expressed opposition to the idea of UCP contributing funds to the project, but said she’s in favor of the project.  She provided information on two online classes in grant writing, and felt a better role for UCP, reflecting our mission and vision, is to fund a grant writer.  She also felt that at least 3 other groups in town would like UCP to donate funds to their projects.  Ruai reminded her that the other 3 projects are not on the table. Larry mentioned that there are at least 15-20 events going on each weekend in NE Oregon. The possibility of people traveling from event to event is quite strong.  Brandie and Lauri addressed this concept too, and mentioned Timothy Bishop’s (Marketing Director for Baker County) work in promoting Halfway, along with the rest of Baker County.

Action: among the members present, (with one member, Denise, dissenting) it was agreed to accept the Bandstand proposal and provide $5,000.00 to launch it.

PEEF: Lauri gave an update.  They advocated strongly for the school to hire a new music teacher, which they have done.  Wix Covey will be offering a Friday morning art class for jr. high-high school students beginning in January.  They are still funding after school guitar and fiddle classes.  The group is still awaiting news on their application for nonprofit status.   They will be reapplying for the Braemer grant again through UCP this spring. They have a new website. Liz described the new report form available for each project to use on our UCP website.

Cross Country Ski Group: Linda said they are waiting to hear from the Leo Adler foundation.  They applied for $7,000.00.  They have a room at the school to use for equipment, and are working with the PE teacher.  Now, all they need is snow!

  1. Website update: Liz continues work on the website.  She added information on it to Mark’s article he wrote for the Hells Canyon Journal.  Linda took photos of this meeting and will edit the article so that it appears soon in the paper.
  2. UCP future plans: Ruai would like to have a meeting soon during which by-laws and vision statement are revisited.
  3. Next mtg. date: Jan. 7, 2013, 1:30pm, Halfway Library.

Minutes – November 5th, 2012

1:30-3:30 pm; Halfway Library

Present: Ruai Gregory, Bill Schuhle, Mark Christianson, Denise Christianson, Liz McLellan, Larry Miller, Celinda Miller, Carol Harris, Steve White


Announcements, Introductions: Welcome to Carol – here for her first meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:

No changes or activity in checking account.

Steve reported on the investment at US Bank.  He asked us to decide what percentage should be used for junk bond investments. Discussion ensued regarding what are safe investments, timing (with regard to the election and economic situation).  The comprehensive investment currently earns 4%. It was agreed that Steve would meet with the broker to reallocate maximum funds for the next quarter.


Bandstand: In Bill Shield’s absence it was determined the update discussion will take place next month.  Ruai mentioned that the new Bandstand project in Baker City might have their old bandstand available.  She will check on this and report back. Denise questioned the idea of placing a bandstand on private property.  She felt it would be much better, collaboration wise, to focus on the fairgrounds.  There is more room for an audience, the fair board needs help with organizing entertainment – it would be great to have Cornucopia Arts Council in charge of music at the fair. A meeting could be planned to discuss the possibilities, with representatives from the Fair Association, Arts Council, Chamber of Commerce, etc. Steve will check in with Cornucopia Arts Council to found out their thoughts on the bandstand project at this point.

Cross Country Ski Track: Linda Collier reported to Ruai that the Adler grant has been submitted, along with another grant.  She will submit copies of both.  Liz will develop a project report summary form for the website, so all grants can be tracked.

Pine Eagle Community Preschool: completed purchase of new outdoor equipment, via Adler grant.

Pine Eagle Educational Fund: Ruai will check to see which grants they are applying for.

Seed Sharing station: Liz reported that it’s been in use now for 2 months, (1 month in temporary form and 1 month in permanent form) and would like UCP to pay $70.00 to Kert Lorence for his building labor services.  $70.00 is the amount that has been donated so far via our PayPal account. Liz is still seeking donations to cover the full cost. The station will close down for the winter. Ruai asked if the sign could mention it as a UCP project. Liz will ask Bill Schuhle to do this.

UCP Website: Liz needs updated minutes to complete the history portion of the site, ideally by Jan. 15, 2013. Ruai will send 2008-2012 minutes to Steve.

New Project proposals:

Biofuel Project: Larry reported on biofuel (ethanol) possible uses in our community.  This could be an excellent business opportunity to develop.  He built a greenhouse to use for growing Jerusalem Artichokes for fuel.  Catalina Sattiva is another excellent crop.  $1500.00 is the only cost needed for the conversion equipment.  He is very interested in sharing this information with others.  Individuals could develop this for low cost fuel (.70/gallon).  Liz suggested connecting with a fuel cooperative and putting out a written proposal. (org suggestion from Liz bealocalist.org may have ideas)

There could be potential grant funds in the coop structure.  Larry felt it could be a great school project too.  The potential implications for the city and their sewage treatment project are strong as well, with methane production as a biofuel too. Denise suggested going to EOU or other colleges to find a graduate student who could write a grant and take on a community project that UCP could then team with. Liz shared three environmental science organizations that could be helpful resources. Their visions and commitments involve resilience in energy production in small communities.

Documentary Film Event: Ruai shared information on the Cascadia film that is currently touring with the film makers in the northwest.  The group agreed that we should sponsor the film in Dec. Ruai will look into this.

Grant writing service: Larry shared an ad for a grantwriter that says “we write and propose your project until funded.  Guaranteed. (530)-243-4294.  34 years experience.” Liz will look into this.

Ford Family Foundation Leadership Institute news: Ruai reported on the current Baker County cohort’s training and project (a bronzed Salt Lick in Baker).  There is a good possibility that Halfway can host a Leadership training next year, if a minimum of 24 people can be recruited.  Liz offered to post information on this on our website and facebook page.

Action items needed to complete:

  • Community Resource list (Ruai)

  • Talk with YMCA administration regarding the Biathlon idea (Ruai)

  • UCP article/interview for HCJ (Mark)

  • check on Baker’s old bandstand (Ruai)

  • develop project summary form (Liz and Ruai)

  • check on  grant writing service (Liz)

  • check on PEEF grants (Ruai)

  • send minutes to Steve (Ruai)

  • review website (unitedcommunitypartners.org)(Ruai, Liz and all)

  • update historical website information by Jan. 15 (Steve and Liz)

  • book film event (Ruai)

  • speak with Arts Council re bandstand (Steve).


Next Meeting: Dec. 3, 1:30pm, Halfway Library

Minutes – September 4th, 2012


Halfway Library

Present: Ruai Gregory, Bill Schuhle, Steve White, Larry Miller, Celinda Miller, Bill Johnson, Bill Shields

Last meeting’s minutes; read by Ruai and approved.

Treasurer’s report: Bill Schuhle gave the report (insert link)


Pine Eagle Community Preschool: Ruai updated: school began today with 17 children.  They are planning a fundraiser to coincide with the Hells Cyn. Relay Race.

Pine Eagle Education Foundation (PEEF): Chairity was a success; still planning to write grants under UCP until they achieve nonprofit status.

Pine Valley Museum: Plough exhibit is up; next is manure spreader.

Seed Sharing Station: (at Jacob’s Dream). Bill Schuhle made a temporary sign about it to advertise location and service before it is built.

Community Resource Book: Ruai will follow up with Kay Young.

Potential Projects:

Senior Lunch (Bill Johnson): spoke with Mary Jo Carpenter at Community Connection in Baker City.  She told him she would speak with Margaret and Joe (higher ups in the organization) about what it would take to keep the Senior Lunch in Halfway going.  It costs $6,000.00 per year to run it as it is currently run.  Margaret returned his call and summarized the situation: they can continue to deliver meals on wheels and pick up Halfway seniors for the Thursday New Bridge lunch.  The logic is to combine the two groups.

Louise Rasmussen spoke with Bill Johnson about using the school for a senior lunch! The school would charge $3.00 per meal, and provide the current art room as a place to eat, meat, congregate, play games, etc.  Louise followed up with Mike Corley and Lisa Butler, who were very supportive. They checked in with the state school meal association, who said it was fine, as long as the food is not taken off campus.  Louise said she could check in with the seniors to see what food they’d like prepared.  Bill said the school could maybe provide some student volunteers to serve food to the seniors.

The group unanimously agreed about the importance of supporting and collaborating on new projects that provide senior services.

Pat’s Park Bandstand (Bill Shields): Bill gave his rationale for the creation of a bandstand, as a way to promote arts performances, ideally weekly from Memorial Day until Labor Day.  Pat and Tony Sowers, the owners, are supportive, but don’t want to be the owners of it.  They suggest that an arts group should own the bandstand, and that it be possible to disassemble it in case the park ever sells.  Bill proposed that UCP own it and Cornucopia Arts Council do the scheduling and booking.  This way, a stream of rental monies could flow back to UCP.  Bill Schuhle asked why not use the bandstand at the fairgrounds.  Bill Shields responded that the Pat’s Park location would promote more downtown attendance and revenue-building for local businesses.  It could generate a fulltime job in the future, which would be funded by Cornucopia Arts Council.  He pointed out that the role of the arts in our community has grown markedly over the past few years, with Halfway Whimsical’s business ($100,000.00 back to the community over five years), the Clear Creek Music Festival ($15,000.00 back to the community over two years)and PEEF’s role in the school.

He thought it would cost $5,000.00 for materials, $8,000.00 total, and would need to be handled by volunteers at first.  The minimum size is 16’ by 12’, and Bill feels it would be best to have an add – on stage for larger performances. His goal is that it would be completed by next Memorial Day.  Ruai pointed out that it would be a good candidate for a Ford Family Foundation grant, as they like to target new buildings that will promote community activities.  Bill Shields said the Oregon Arts Commission’s community vitality score would qualify us for support funds. Steve felt this is an excellent project that deserves our attention. Bill Shields will meet with the Cornucopia Arts Council on Sept. 21, and will report back to us at our next meeting.  He said he would be glad to represent the Hells Canyon Chamber of Commerce at UCP meetings, providing a bridge between the two groups.  Ruai plans to ask for US Bank and City representation at meetings too.

“Silly Ideas Machine”: Celinda presented an idea for the “Silly Ideas Machine” a la The Book Loft’s in Enterprise, which promotes creativity.  Bill Shields said Ann Ingalls has a similar “Do Nothing Machine”.  Celinda will look into this! Ruai suggested that the HCJ could feature one of the ideas each week.

Volunteer Recognition: Celinda felt the answer to volunteer burnout is to provide some financial stipends for them.  Discussion ensued about ways that volunteers are recognized here, primarily through annual luncheons.  Bill Shields mentioned workshops such as “The Care and Feeding of Volunteers”. Ruai mentioned Ford Family Foundation’s Leadership training that includes a unit on promoting and nurturing volunteers.  She also shared that Bill Schuhle and Maureen McMahon are attending the current Ford Leadership Institute in Baker City.  Ruai is one of the trainers for it.

Note (added Nov 10th, 2012) from Liz – I have built a timebank which is ready to go. Any organization interested in using timebanking to reward volunteers or anyone else interested in getting a group together to make the timebank an ongoing project please contact me. lizmclellan1@gmail.com or 5490

The timebank project is not a UCP project at this time.

See Northeast Oregon Timebank here

Timebank FAQ


Next meeting: Oct. 1, 1:00pm.

Minutes – August 6, 2012


(Next meeting: Tues., Sept. 4, 1pm (since Monday is Labor Day))

Halfway Library

Present: Ruai Gregory, Bill Schuhle, Mark Christianson, Liz McLellan, Linda Collier

  1. Review of music festival idea (moving forward with Cornucopia Arts Council and without our suggested assistance), fair board fundraising process and results (very successful, and one donor gave $17,000 after reading the Oregonian article!).  Ruai mentioned she’d been contacted by the Jr. high basketball coach to see if UCP could be the pass-through for grant applications.
  2. Treasurer’s report: (see below).  Bill, the treasurer, read Steve White’s summary of the stability of various investments, reiterating that our current fund is sound. Liz suggested, in response to Denise Christianson’s concerns (voiced to Ruai) that we could include information on our UCP website about our investments – so that we are very transparent.  Liz also requested assistance in developing a “Services” page on the website, along with “Resources”, listing grantors.
  3. Website development: agreed to pay Liz for her work in setting up the UCP website and paypal fundraising capability. She will give us her invoice for reimbursement.
  4. Projects:

Pine Eagle Community Preschool: fundraising has been very successful, and the Commission on Children and Families will provide funds this year.

Pine Eagle Education Foundation (PEEF): continue to wait for approval on their 501C3 status, and plan to continue applying for grants through us.

Pine Valley Museum: Sally Andrews continues to work on her oral history interviews. Bill reported that he has brought in weathered wood for a sign for the historical farm equipment exhibit.

Seed Sharing Station: (at Jacob’s Dream).  Liz shared specifics on the project and the fact that Jacob’s Dream approved the location (on their porch).  Kert Lawrence will donate the wood to build it and needs funds to pay for his labor. She requested that we offer the online fundraising opportunity on our website as a joint project with Jacob’s Dream. We unanimously agreed.  Liz also said she welcomes similar small, doable projects to promote.

Community Resource Book: need to finalize contact names and numbers.  We will divide up names.  When completed, Liz will post on the website. Linda recommended using Kay Young’s email list to send the document out for corrections.

  1. Community Concern: Mark reported on the graffiti on Wild Bill’s wall across from the post office.  He contacted Wild Bill’s and found out that since it has been reported and is in litigation, no one can touch it.  They need a contractor’s estimate.  Mark was hoping to volunteer to paint it over (as the message is racist), but was told he could not.
  2. Potential Project: Linda shared the Pine Valley Cross Country Ski Club’s idea to purchase cross country skis for children as part of their joint project with the school district.  She requested we sponsor them for Leo Adler and Cycle Oregon grants for an approximate total of $10,000.00. We unanimously agreed to serve as the pass through organization for the fundraising.  Liz will work with Linda on including the project on our website.
  3. Next meeting: Tues., Sept. 4, 1pm (since Monday is Labor Day)


Financial Report

August 6, 2012 (amended with new brokerage balance received 8/7/12)

Note: There was extensive checking account activity during June and July due to our acting as pass-through for donations to the Pine Valley Fair Association’s fund drive to rebuild the grandstands at the fairgrounds. There were over 100 deposits during the two months and several transfers of funds from our account to the appropriate PVFA account.

USBank Checking Account

Previous balance   $1,000.00

Total June deposits for PVFA   $86,499.54

Total July deposits for PVFA   $20,683.30

Total June transfers to PVFA   <$86,499.54>

Total July transfers to PVFA   <$18,572.80>

Check to Liz McLellan for UCP domain name & hosting cleared .  <$95.40>

USBank account analysis charges   <$22.04>

July 31, 2012 Statement Balance   $2,993.06

August deposits for PVFA to date   $1,150.00

Current Balance   $4,143.06

Note: Current Balance includes our 1% pass-through fee (to date) of $1,035.50 withheld from the last transfer in July.

USBank Brokerage Account

Balance as of April 30, 2012   $19,168.29

Balance as of May 31, 2012   $18,598.53

Balance as of June 29, 2012   $18,740.35

Balance as of July 31, 2012   $18,884.51

Respectfully submitted,

Bill Schuhle, Treasurer