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Minutes – June 4, 2012

Meeting; June 4, 2012 1-3 pm; Halfway Library Present: Ruai Gregory, Bill Schuhle, Mark Christianson, Denise Christianson, Liz McLellan, Larry Miller, Celinda Miller

  1. Announcements: Ruai shared information on the upcoming Ford Family Foundation Leadership Program fall, and also their Nonprofit Town Hall meeting on June 13, from 9am-12pm at the Baker City Library. Bill and Ruai plan to attend the Town Hall meeting.
  2. Treasurer’s Report: $1,000.00 in checking acct., the rest in new brokerage acct., no activity.
  3. Fairground request: Denise shared that the grandstand has been condemned, and approximately $90,000.00 must be raised by June 15, so that construction can begin in time to be done by fair time. The Fair Board has asked permission for UCP to be the pass-through for donations, so that they can be tax deductible. Denise checked in with UCP members a few days ago, who approved the request, and Bill created UCP receipts to send out to donors. Discussion ensued regarding who can give out receipts, along with the donation process (directly into our acct. at US Bank, then we will transfer a large check over to the Fair Board’s acct.). Bill proposed we use two copies (carbon or Xerox) of each receipt,with signatures of the donor, along with two signatures of people giving the receipt. Ruai suggested the receipts be numbered. This idea was approved and Denise will bring it to the Fair Board meeting tonight.
    Denise brought up the concept of best ways to build a sense of community, and move away from an “us versus them” idea in the various groups in the area. The fairground’s issues involve everyone. ADDENDUM: Liz McLellan volunteered to get a UCP donation website up to help with the online fund raising process with help from Bill Schuhle.
  4. Summer/Winter Biathlon idea: Larry brought up a possible proposal to organize annual summer(run/walk and bicycle) and winter (cross country ski and marksmanship) biathlons.He suggested the YMCA might be interested in collaborating on this. Ruai will check with them. Larry also offered to provide preparation classes.
  5. Museum projects: Denise said progress is slow, and pointed out the need for a group that can organize and coordinate all the groups in town.
    Liz described the idea of a “Coordination Convener” who can work toward things like purchasing joint insurance, coordinating projects, etc. This could be a UCP role.
  6. Music Festival project: Steve has proposed we collaborate with Cornucopia Arts Council and the Chamber of Commerce on a possible annual Music Festival. He would like UCP to hire Liz McLellan as the Project Manager to organize and put the proposal together. Liz described some possible plans for a 3 day or 1 ½ day festival, and distributed a handout with questions and possible budget. We discussed ideas with her, including some brainstorming of types of music (rural, American roots, old Cowboy, etc.), but in Steve’s absence, further discussion and decision making were tabled for now.
  7. Action items needed to complete: Community Resource list (Ruai); Talk with YMCA administration regarding the Biathlon idea (Ruai); UCP article for HCJ (Mark); contact Steve re: other date for meeting on music festival (Mark)

NEXT Meeting: Aug. 6, 1pm, library (with other meeting in the meantime about the Music Festival TBA)