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Community Project Leads

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You are the champion! 

United Community partners exists to help community members in the Pine Eagle Panhandle to create projects in service to the community.  Project groups do not need their own non-profit organization to start. Please see our services page for what we may be able to provide. We are all volunteers hoping the help you make it happen!

Anyone in the Pine-Eagle area can propose a project, seek a grant, get support from skilled volunteers, get technical assistance without being associated with a larger group so long as the project is a fit with the UCP mission,  meets our project selection criteria and our volunteers have the extra time to help.

We sometimes refer to our community project leads as a “project champion.”  Here’s a list of our recent project champions.

Shella DelCurto is the project champion for the Strategies for Ranching on a Landscape with Wolves Workshop – January 2019

Terry Simons was the project champion for the Outdoor Women of Halfway Calendar project

Denise Cairns, Karen Andruss and Carolyn Coble brought you the Halfway Gym through some help from UCP

Rev. Bill Shields and Bill Schuhle along with Cornucopia Arts Council brought us the Mainstreet Stage

Eric and Mimi Kauffman and Steve Backstrom along with the Cornucopia Arts Council brought us PineFest

Steve White along with the Halfway Lion’s Club brings us the wonderful Ice Rink weather permitting of course!

Galen West, Ivy Wreden and Linda Collier among others brought us the Cross Country Ski Club – and skis for all!

Thanks to Linda and Dave Bird, Casey Rowan, Kim Stutzman, Denise Cairns and the Fair Board –  Halfway has a new Exhibit Hall.

Working with Dale Denson’s family we were able to funnel funds in Dale’s name to the Exhibit Hall Project through the Dale Denson Memorial Fund.

Project Champions:

  • has and idea or brings a community idea to UCP for assistance
  • is the main project contact
  • imagines bigger things, gets the ball rolling, tests the waters with friends and family, finds willing helpers
  • comes to UCP meetings to represent the project and project progress
  • communicates via email with the UCP team bewteen meetings for timely completion of deadline driven work such as funding opportunities with outside groups
  • work directly with UCP team to complete other requirements for grants and other resources
  • is willing to learn and share insights before and after the project is complete with UCP
  • let’s us know how we can be more helpful to other groups
  • takes stewardship of the project to completion

So if you have an idea, a few friends to help and the energy to make it happen get in touch!

To get updates from UCP about current projects, granting and other resources to help you make it happen sign up for our email list.

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