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Emergency Fundraiser – Fairgrounds Grandstands

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An Update and Thank You from PVFA President Rick Simpson
To members of the Pine and Eagle Valley communities and beyond,
I have been humbled and inspired by the immediate and resounding response from members of our communities, as well as folks from around the state and the country, to our request for assistance in funding the repair/reconstruction of our Pine Valley Fairgrounds grandstand.I wish to acknowledge and to thank each of you who donated for your part in making possible not only repairing, but ultimately saving the grandstands. Our fund-raising goal was met — and exceeded — and, as I write this, repairs are well underway. A new foundation has been poured and all new supports and roof are in place. The project has passed all inspections to date and the structural engineer has made several site visits and is very pleased with the progress. The grandstand will be ready for occupancy for this year’s fair, though the vendor booths or siding might not be completely finished.As I said, the response to our fund-raising campaign has been amazing and we are most appreciative of how much each one of you cares about our fairgrounds and our fair and rodeo. It is a very rich tradition and the major event of the year for our communities. It is the time and place when friends, family and classmates gather together for reunions, to enjoy the fair and rodeo, and to enjoy time with loved ones and friends.Because of the donations each of you made, we will continue to enjoy this special time and place each year and pass this tradition on to our children.We hope to see you at the fairgrounds this Labor Day weekend, or at a future fair if you can’t make it this year.Thank you,

Rick Simpson, President
Pine Valley Fair Association




Fairgrounds Grandstands Repair Emergency

Appeal from Rick Simpson, President of the Pine Valley Fair Association

Dear Friends of Pine Valley,

The Pine Valley Fairground Grandstand was built in 1940 by the communities of Halfway and Richland. During recent inspections it was discovered that several footings underneath the grandstand have sunk, cracked and shifted due to frost heaves and the shallow depth of the original footings. After several inspections it was determined that there is also major structural problems with the roof.

The PVFA held a community meeting on May 30th to inform the community of the status of the grandstand and to provide an onsite inspection led by Tom Hanley (structural engineer), Gary Bood (Baker Co. building inspector), Larry Abell (architect) and Donnie Higgins (contractor), The grandstand is in need of major repairs and cannot be used or occupied until repairs are made. The grandstand is a significant public use structure and requires approved engineered plans for structural repairs

To facilitate immediate repairs and prepare for this year’s fair and rodeo, the association has asked Tom Hanley to submit stamped engineered plans to the building inspector for permits and to the contractor for final project cost quote by June 4th. This plan includes replacement of all defective footings, replacement of entire roof structure and new board and batten pine siding on the front of the grandstand with new doors on all vendor booths. The contractor estimates the cost at $80,000 to $90,000. This estimate will be firmed up after review of final approved plans. The contractor needs to start construction immediately after the Junior Rodeo to complete the grandstands in time for this year’s fair and rodeo. This will require 100% funding by June 15th.

Without adequate funding for repairs the grandstand is condemned and cannot be used. If we do not meet our funding goal deadline it will require us to borrow and rent bleachers for spectator seating and setup temporary vendor booths for this year’s fair and rodeo. We will continue to provide extra bracing as needed to reduce the risk of damage to the grandstand going into next winter.

We realize this is an aggressive schedule and a large amount of money to ask of our small communities. To reduce this into smaller challenges we are asking for individuals, families and businesses to sponsor a portion of the grandstand building. There are sixteen bays or sections in the grandstand. Sixteen sponsors donating $5000 for a section would generate $80,000 towards the fund. We already have 3 sponsors for grandstand sections! We are asking for everyone’s help in donations, no matter how small, every dollar will help us reach our goal. All donations can be made to “United Community Partners”, a local nonprofit organization that is helping us and allows all donations to be tax deductible.

The grandstand is a historical and cultural landmark to our communities. Many of us have grandparents and great grandparents that helped build the grandstands. It is hard to imagine driving into the valley and not seeing the grandstands or not watching our rodeos seated in it on Labor Day weekends.

Please help to keep our grandstand with any amount of donation you can make.

Thank You,
Rick Simpson
Pine Valley Fair Association

If you have questions please contact Rick Simpson directly at simpson@pinetel.com

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