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Pine Valley Cross-Country Ski Club

The Pine Vally Cross-Country Ski Club is an organization formed in 2012 with three goals:

  • to bring cross-country skiing to the kids of Pine Eagle Charter School
  • to bring cross-country skiing to community members of the local area
  • to make Pine Valley a destination for cross-country skiers.

To do this, we are first teaching skiing to kids in grades 5-12 during their P.E. classes, we have purchased about 60 pairs of boots, poles and skis, we are grooming about 6 miles of track on the school campus and on private land with landowner permission, we are maintaining the equipment, stored at the Pine Eagle elementary school.

For events, classes and other announcements please LIKE us on Facebook. Our galleries of pictures are also on Facebook. If you can’t donate you can help us by liking and sharing our page! If you are not on Facebook you can also call the contacts below for any information you need.


Galen West 541-742-2596
Linda Collier   541-742-2790
Mary-Jo St. Clair 541-742-2323

Things you can do to help:

Got any skinny, fish scale cross-country skis sitting in your garage?  You can donate them.
Want to donate mail a check to:

Tom Collier, Treasurer
36410 Valley View Lane,
Halfway, Or 97834
Pine Valley Cross Country Ski Club is a chapter of the Oregon Nordic Club. All contributions are tax-deductible.
We are registered in Oregon under EIN number 93-0670232.
Donations are tax-deductible and you will get a receipt for your records.
If you do not receive a receipt contact Tom Collier.

United Community Partners is acting as a partner for this project. We are also providing assistance with social media and online fundraising.  If your Pine Valley community group is interested in these services please contact Liz McLellan at 541-742-5940.