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Before you decide to crowdfund your project get familiar with the various platforms. There are thousands of platforms. You don’t need to know them all but, you should have a good sense where your idea fits. Also, look at fees and costs for each platform, whether or not it is an “all or nothing” tool or a “you get all you raise” tool. With equity funding in particular please understand all laws applicable in your state and federally before committing to the effort.

Equity funding vs. Reward Based Crowdfunding

Equity Funding

Hatch Oregon

Hatch Oregon is a brand new economic engine for growing community capital. It’s a result of the work of Hatch Innovation, the nonprofit that pushed through Oregon’s new law enabling community investing. Our team of educators and experts engage with local community leaders to build the missing infrastructure needed to accelerate community and economic development. Imagine checking the local paper for local investing opportunities, or attending events where local opportunities are shared, or a growing number of social and locally owned enterprises steadily improving the economic health of your county. It’s possible, and Hatch Oregon makes it possible.

Invest Oregon Meetups (Hatch Oregon Local Networks)

Invest Oregon Meetups are a new way for people to come together to learn about local investing! Launched locally but supported with statewide collaboration and a toolkit, it’s a new piece of investor education infrastructure. Hatch Oregon launched these meetups to strengthen Oregon’s economies. This 2015 Community Capital Initiative includes a major statewide summit, workshops, trainings, speaking, regional tours, and panels.



Indiegogo is a way for people all over the world to join forces to make ideas happen. Since 2008, millions of contributors have empowered hundreds of thousands of inventors, musicians, do-gooders, filmmakers—and other game-changers—to bring big dreams to life.

Generosity – Indigogo Non-profit crowdfunding platform.

We (Indiegogo) built Generosity to give Indiegogo users a new community for showing and sharing their compassion through personal fundraising. Generosity helps cancer patients with bills and students with tuition. Generosity boosts humanitarian efforts into new countries and helps nonprofits move quickly with their causes. Generosity fills the gap at the end of a tough month and supports the village after the storm.
Generosity is human goodness on a grand scale.


GoFundMe personal online fundraising websites are perfect for individuals, groups & organizations. All kinds of projects from emergency relief and medical assistance to weddings, community events and personal projects.


Kickstarter’s mission is to help bring creative projects to life. We measure our success as a company by how well we achieve that mission, not by the size of our profits. That’s why we reincorporated Kickstarter as a Benefit Corporation in 2015.
Benefit Corporations are for-profit companies that are obligated to consider the impact of their decisions on society, not only shareholders. Radically, positive impact on society becomes part of a Benefit Corporation’s legally defined goals. When a company becomes a Benefit Corporation, it can choose to make further commitments. In our new charter (shown below) we spell out our mission, our values, and the commitments we have made to pursue them.


Patreon is a platform focused on aiding individual artists, makers, musicians and content creators make a living.
Mission: We want to help every creator in the world achieve sustainable income.


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