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Seed Sharing Station


Image of seed sharing station
Our seed sharing station at Jacob’s Dream was built with community support in 2012 and has had ample use since.

Easy ways to help:

  • Save seeds every season!
  • Save return envelopes from junk mail to use at the station.
  • Help Liz in keeping the station tidy and supplied with envelopes.

So gardeners and growers! Please start saving and labeling your extra seeds as they become ready. We suggest using the free reply envelopes we get with all that junk mail! Please label the seeds with variety and season you saved them – and if you like any growing tips you may have (not required). Then make small packets so more people can enjoy the harvest. Some varieties you will need  a lot for a harvest like carrots or beets while others you need only a few – like zucchini. We are asking people to save those return envelopes from all their junk mail and to leave those at the seed sharing station along with their extra seeds when convenient.

The board of Jacob’s Dream has generously approved location of  the station on their porch.  So when you see them please say THANK YOU!
Huge thanks to Kert Lorence for building the station and donating the materials, to Bill Schuhle for the creating beautiful signage and to the volunteers at Jacob’s Dream and especially to Betty Warmath for responding with and enthusiastic “Yes!”

Liz will keep up the station though if you would like to help keep an eye on it please contact her.

Most important – take seeds when you need and share when you have extra!


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