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The Village Fund


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To contact the committee by email please use TheVillageFund20@gmail.com

The Village Fund was established to assist residents of Pine and Eagle Valley’s, and the Oxbow area, with immediate critical financial needs.


The Village Fund is a limited source of financial support for residents of Pine and Eagle Valley’s who, due to circumstances beyond their control are in severe financial distress.  This fund has limited resources and any award will be modest with the sole purpose of providing short term emergency support. The fund is not offered to provide ongoing or regular support, although additional requests may be made within the allowed guidelines.

If you are interested in helping with the project you can join our mail list discussion here.
The Village Fund – Maillist

Please only join if you are a resident of the Pine Eagle Valleys area in the Panhandle of Eastern Oregon. Requests to join may take a few days to approve because we need to ensure joiners are members of the community. Please contact the committee via the email below if you have any issues.

To contact the committee by email please use TheVillageFund20@gmail.com
Committee Members
Sara Artley – Chair
Gail Kimberling – Secretary

UCP Members 

Pam Conley – UCP liaison
Liz McLellan – Web Tech Assistance


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The memo line MUST be to The Village Fund.

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