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UPDATE – Jan 26, 2017 11AM

Hey Folks,

Update from the Pine Valley Snow Team today Thursday, Jan. 26th.

Al Iverson is concerned about the Tunnels up near him near Dry Creek. The Tunnels do not have a landline. Their place looks quite snowbound. We are looking for a volunteer to stop by and check on them, perhaps clear some snow so they have egress or let us know if they need any assistance.  If you can help with this please call Liz between 1-5pm – (541)742-5940.  If you have already checked on them – please let us know this too!

Kip Miller and Mike Morrissey of Keating are checking on Mr. Edwards in Richland. We are waiting to hear back from Julie at Pine Eagle Charter to hear how they are doing with the snow situation at the school.

Stay Frosty!
Pine Valley Snow Team

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