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QuickBooks For Nonprofits Online Training

Getting your accounts set up right makes the work much more hassle-free down the road. As I was sorting out the resources available for United Community Partners I thought I would share what I found with the rest of our community.

Qualified nonprofit organizations can get deep discounts on software, hardware and services via techsoup.org.

5 Seats – Quickbooks Online for Nonprofits – $50.00/year.


Free Webinars QuickBooks Made Easy – (A site offering training)
QuickBooks Online for Newer Nonprofit Users

Free Online Courses and Videos
Intuit Quickbooks Video Training by Subject
Short online videos on individual tasks in Quickbooks

DVD Course
Quickbooks Online DVD Course $109.00 per copy at techsoup.org

Nonprofit Ready at nonprofitready.org
Wide range of free online courses on all topics related to nonprofit management. Browse All Courses by Topic

You need to create your own personal learning account for your course work. It is free.

Accounting and Financials Courses

Nonprofit Finance Fundamentals 2 Hours Managing Restricted Funds 15 minutes Managing Restricted Funds – Compliance – Catch then Release 15 minutes
Drawing Up a Project Budget – Part A 12 minutes
Drawing Up a Project Budget – Part B 12 minutes 10 Steps of Budgeting 1 Hour
Balance Sheet Basics – What we have, what we owe, what we’re worth – 15 minutes

Full List of Financial Courses

Liz McLellan Strategy Youtube Channel

Huge List of Video Resources on all topics related to online tools, strategy etc.

Quickbooks Online Playlist

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