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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get on the agenda?

Call one of the current board members.

What do you mean by “Project Champion?”

This is the person who owns the project. More on project champions.

How do you choose projects to fund and support?

We have a Grant Application Process and Project Selection Criteria.

What do I do next if I have a project idea?

First get clear!
Write out a brief summary of the idea and answer these questions for yourself
If you are finding this difficult – try a mind mapping process.
Who will be the project lead?
Who do I know that might wish to help me get it done?
What other organizations in the area might be interested in helping?
What is a rough budget?
How much time do you have to give to making the project a success?
How long does the project live? Is it a quick project or a much longer project with multiple moving pieces?
How will I know when I’m done?
What benefits will the community enjoy as a result of your project?
Which groups does the project serve? Kids? Elders? Teens? Women? Ranchers? People who love coming here?

When you are clear – start coming to a few UCP monthly meetings and get ready to share your idea with us so we can find ways to help make it happen!

If you are ready to go NOW take a look at these links:
Community Project Lead
Project Selection Criteria
Grant Application Process

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