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Snow READY – Pine Valley X-Country Ski Club Can’t Wait!

From Hells Canyon Journal Article by Linda Collier

The Pine Valley Cross Country Ski Club is getting ready for the skiing season. At the club’s November meeting, members discussed various aspects of the season relating to the primary goal of the club, which is to bring cross-country skiing to the students of the school, and then to community members.

Members of the community are invited to become members of the club. For $10 per household, family members can use sets of skis and ski on groomed trails on weekends when the ski room is open. Of that $10, $6 goes to the Oregon Nordic Club, a statewide cross-country skiing organization. Pine Valley Cross Country Ski Club is a chapter of the statewide club, which provides liability insurance and nonprofit status, plus professional support and advice. Liability insurance means that more groomed skiing will be available on land owned locally, and nonprofit status means that all donations are tax deductible.

The remaining $4 of the $10 membership goes to the local club, to pay for skis, grooming equipment, and snowmobile gas.

In order to better meet the needs of younger skiers, additional sets of skis, boots and bindings are being purchased. These are being purchased because of cash donations throughout the past year by the Tyler Foundation, Snake River PCS, Pine Telephone,

Jacob’s Dream, NW Ski Foundation, and Brook and Lois Moore. Members, with help from Marvin Brisk, are manufacturing more grooming equipment, which will be pulled by a snowmobile donated by Idaho Power. Members are also building more storage facilities at the ski room at the grade school. Skis and boots are being cleaned and readied for skiing.

Officers will be meeting with school representatives to discuss arrangements for physical education classes. At this time, it is expected that students from fourth through twelfth grades will be given a chance to learn to ski through their physical education classes.

Those classes will start sometime in January and continue as long as there is snow.

New officers were elected at the November meeting. Officers are Linda Collier, Galen West, Mary Jo St. Clair, and Tom Collier. Retiring officers are Tom Nash and Ivy Wreden.

“The club would like to thank Tom and Ivy for their services during the first year. The club would also like to thank all of our generous donors, without whom this endeavor would not be possible,” said Tom Collier on behalf of the Pine Valley Ski Club.

The community is invited to become members of the Pine Valley Cross Country Ski club.

Send $10 per household to:

Tom Collier
36410 Valley View Lane,
Halfway, OR 97834

For that membership, family members can use sets of skis and ski on groomed trails on weekends when the ski room is open.
If you have any questions, please call any of the club officers.

For more information see the Ski Club Project Page

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