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UCP Website Tips


Hi Folks,

So, I’ve been working on the UCP website for nearly five years. It is a deep and rich store of the work we have done. It is also at this point an institutional memory. This is the place to start if you have questions beyond what we can answer fast on the lists. Also you can read the archives of the lists via the links below. Please share this page with community members!


  1. Before doing anything explore all the menus. The site is organized to help you find what you need
  2. If you cannot find something try the SEARCH box at the top right of the screen.
  3. I try to post the agendas and minutes in a timely manner. Sometimes I fail. Feel free to email me a reminder.
  4. Follow us on Facebook and SHARE our posts! I am the only one doing this.
  5. Watch these videos below to understand Google Drive and why it matters to our work.
  6. Take a deep dive into the video trainings available on things like Google Drive by using search. For instance “Video Google Drive” will give you a list of short videos on how to use the tools (Word processor, Spreadsheet etc).
  7. On the site the top menu last item is BLOG – under that menu is an access to categories of posts by topic on the blog – also the categories are down the right side of the blog. This can help you get to what you need faster.

Google Drive videos here – if you are offline and can’t follow the link in tip #5


Community List Archive

UCP Board Only List (You must be a board member to view)

Thanks Everyone!
– Liz