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Deanna Bowman-Pennock

UCP Welcomes Deanna Bowman-Pennock to the Board

We are thrilled to let folks know that Deanna has joined the UCP Board. After years of nudges and much hope she finally said “Yes!” Deanna brings a keen mind and a deep concern for fairness, great communication and empathy to her work in the area as you will know if you’ve had the pleasure of working with her.

Welcome Deanna!

UCP is always looking for talented and concerned community members like Deanna to jump in and help form our work and our contribution to this wonderful place we call home. We meet the first Monday of the month – usually at the Presbyterian Fellowship Hall Annex at 1:30pm. All community members are welcome.

Please like us on facebook and subscribe to our updates to stay in the loop. Our Annual meeting is in September and all are invited as we look over the last year and forward to the next. Help is form our priorities!

United Community Partners is dedicated to the success of Pine Valley and the Baker County Panhandle as home to vibrant communities informed by our rural heritage, nurtured by our natural wonders, guided by shared principles and sustained by the creative energy of people leading healthy, productive, rewarding lives.

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