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Running Wolf

Upcoming Event: Strategies for Ranching on a Landscape With Wolves

Shella DelCurto is organizing and fundraising for this event.
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Strategies for Ranching on a Landscape with Wolves

Shella like many ranchers and community members is concerned both about wolf depredations and ways to address it. She and her husband attended a workshop in September which they are eager to bring to our community.

Defenders of Wildlife were willing to send both of us to Tom Minor Basin near Gardner, Montana. We attended the four-day Range Rider workshop, looking for answers. What we found was hope for the future, in the form of Hilary and Andrew Anderson. They were the workshop leaders and are co-founders of the Tom Miner Basin Range Rider Project.

This two-day seminar combines the fields of ranching and wildlife management to seek creative ways to minimize livestock losses due to wolf depredation in large pastures and open range. The workshop leaders are Andrew and Hilary Anderson, co-founders of the Tom Miner Basin Range Rider Project. The Andersons are third-generation cattle producers successfully ranching on the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park where wolves and grizzly are a regular factor of life.  – Shella DelCurto,  Community Project Leader

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